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418 - The Prestidigitation Approximation
Aired March 10, 2011

The Prestidigitation Approximation

Leonard must choose between new girlfriend Priya and his friendship with Penny. Meanwhile, Howard drives Sheldon crazy with a magic trick.

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Guest Stars: Aarti Mankad as Priya

Writers: Bill Prady (Story), Steve Holland (Story), Eddie Gorodetsky (Story), Chuck Lorre (Teleplay), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Eric Kaplan (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 12.06 million Households Rating: 7.3/12 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.8/11

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Quotes (7)

Penny: No big deal. Not knowing is part of the fun!
Sheldon: 'Not knowing is part of the fun.' Was that the motto of your community college?

Rajesh: Why so glum, chum?
Sheldon: Apparently you can't hack into a government supercomputer and then try to buy uranium without the Department of Homeland Security tattling to your mother.

Sheldon: So, you're saying this is a regulation deck?
Howard: I'm saying believe in magic, you muggle.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
Episode 4.18 Ratings March 11 2011
CBS Announces Episode 4.18 February 17 2011

Comments (96)

R.M. Belgium, 15:53 Jun 4 2013.
Howard fooled Sheldon with a magic trick
Glenn Canada, 18:31 Sep 29 2012.
A writer and producer for BBT is Eddie Gorodestky, who at one time, 30 years ago was a writer for SCTV. In a book written by Dave Thomas about SCTV, Eddie was known for peering his head around the corner before entering a room. Dave also did an impression of him on SCTV in a sketch called Revenge, he uused part of his name in the sketch. I really don't like Raj's sister much, I find her to be a little cold. I kind of liked it when Sheldon got back at her. Even with Sheldon in his faults, I rather hang out with him than her.
:) Australia, 05:32 Jul 30 2012.
How does Howard do that card trick?
megan United States, 17:10 Jun 18 2012.
what is this episode about
AL United Arab Emirates, 17:46 Jun 6 2012.
why is this thing so damn it...:)
Gayan Sri Lanka, 14:24 May 27 2011.
Guy's I love this TV series can't wait till the next episodes are out !
Manu Germany, 18:55 Apr 27 2011.
@Shelly Fan: You`re so damn right...
Shelly fan Botswana, 01:14 Mar 28 2011.
People, please hv faith in Chuck Lorre. He's brought us this far - he's not gona let us down. For the record, I hate it when someone gets the better of Sheldon, but if he always had his way, it wouldn't be as much fun, now would it? It's funny when "non-geniuses" get the better of him once in a while.
nighthawk Canada, 23:08 Mar 27 2011.
I think with the addition of Priya (and sometimes Amy) the group dynamic of the original 5 has started to fizzle...especially if Leonard is no longer going to hang out with Penny. Whatever happened to Leonard not giving up on Penny like he promised her father!? I do like Bernadette though - she fit in well!
Yashi India, 11:58 Mar 25 2011.
I hv been watchin dis series lately.......nd have watched all the episodes......with jus 2 episodes left for d season, i guess m so gonna miss the series till next season....

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