714 - The Convention Conundrum
Aired January 30, 2014

The Convention Conundrum

When the guys don't manage to get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon plans to hold his own convention and ends up spending a memorable night with James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, Leonard, Howard and Raj consider buying scalped tickets, the girls try to act like "grown-ups".

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Guest Stars: James Earl Jones as Himself, Carrie Fisher as Herself

Writers: Eric Kaplan (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Adam Faberman (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Dave Goetsch (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 19.05 million Households Rating: 12/19 Adults 18-49 Rating: 5.2/15

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the guys being unable to get Comic-Con tickets, leading Sheldon to launch his own convention and the others to consider scalped tickets.

Quotes (33)

Amy: Why can't they do something sensible like Sheldon, and start their own comic book convention? Also, who wants to throw me out that window?

Sheldon: I don't understand what we're doing.
James Earl Jones: Shhh!
Sheldon: Whose house is this?
James Earl Jones: Carrie Fisher. And she's a little crazy so get ready to run.

James Earl Jones: What were you trying to ask me at the strip club?
Sheldon: How much does it cost to get them off my lap?

Sheldon: My friend Leonard said if I bothered you while you were eating, you'd think I was a creepy stalker.
James Earl Jones: Well, your friend Leonard sounds like a real weeny.
Sheldon: He is, Mr. Earl Jones. He is!

Bernadette: Well, while they're acting like teenagers we could do something grown up.
Amy: Ooh, you mean like a museum?
Penny: Yes, like a museum but anything else!

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When Penny goes to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, the guys are gathered in the apartment with their computers, ready to buy tickets for Comic-Con the moment they come on sale. When the tickets go live, the guys frantically click away in a bid to secure tickets. After ten minutes they worry they won't be getting tickets, but Leonard finally gets in the queue - at number 15211. After all the passes sell out, the guys come to the depressing conclusion they won't be attending Comic-Con this year.

The next day in the university cafeteria, Sheldon tells the guys he is going to start his own convention. Leonard wonders why Sheldon doesn't just buy scalped tickets with them, but Sheldon argues it's against the rules and they could get banned from Comic-Con. Later, back at the apartment, Sheldon talks on the phone as he attempts to secure guests for his convention. As Sheldon has failed to convince even his friend Wil Wheaton to headline the convention, Leonard argues the convention isn't going to work out. Meanwhile in Penny's apartments, as the girls discuss Sheldon starting his own convention, the girls decide while the guys are acting like teenagers, they will do something grown-up and decide to go for afternoon tea.

Back in the apartment, as Howard, Leonard and Raj discuss their Comic-Con costumes, Sheldon tells them he is one step away from securing a huge guest for his convention: Mr. James Earl Jones. Sheldon learned he will be eating at a local sushi restaurant and plans to go ask him to attend his convention. Later, the rest of the guys get a phone call from their ticket scalper, who is going to visit the apartment to sell them the tickets. The guys get worried that he could be a hardened criminal and Leonard wonders whether they should have asked to meet him in a neutral location.

The girls are surprised the hotel tea room is full of little girls, leaving them wondering why they thought this would make them feel grown up. They decide to enjoy a drink in the hotel lobby instead. Elsewhere, Sheldon approaches James Earl Jones at the sushi restaurant. Though he initially seems like he resents another Star Wars fan interrupting him, he soon reveals himself to be thrilled to discuss Star Wars with somebody. After discussing Star Wars, James Earl Jones invites Sheldon out with him for some fun. Back at the apartment, the guys worry more about buying scalped tickets, but Leonard convinces them they shouldn't wimp out like they always do.

At the hotel bar, Penny asks the girls when they started feeling like grown up. Bernadette says she thought she would when she got married, but she still feels like she's pretending. When Amy tells them she doesn't feel grown up having never been with a man., Penny tells her having sex is not what makes somebody grown-up. Meanwhile, the guys are excited when their scalper arrives at the apartment building. When Raj worries being caught buying scalped tickets might come up when he applies for citizenship, Leonard wonders if they'd have to disclose something like this when they apply for grants. The guys back out and decide they'll pretend not to be home, hoping the scalper will go away. Elsewhere, Sheldon learns more about James Earl Jones at an ice cream parlor.

Back at the hotel bar, Penny wonders what's so great about being an adult. Amy realizes they spent the whole night trying to be mature and it was kind of boring, so maybe the guys have the right attitude. Back at the apartment, though, Leonard, Howard and Raj are having no fun, hiding in the dark from the scalper. Meanwhile, Sheldon rides a ferris wheel with James Earl Jones, sings karaoke, and then pranks Carrie Fisher. Finally, Sheldon and James Earl Jones visit a sauna, where Sheldon asks him to attend his convention, so he offers to take Sheldon and his friends to Comic-Con with him.

Comments (15)

Mike H United Kingdom, 10:06 Apr 18 2014.
I am writing up my PhD whilst listening to the Big Bang, it's great and inspiring , keep them coming and the great work. thank you
Don Draper Canada, 16:31 Jan 31 2014.
Thank you Producers of The Big Bang Theory! Thank you TBBT Writers, Technical Crew, Wardrobe & Makeup Staff! And Thank you Actors! This truly was a memorable episode, especially because the guest wasn't annoyed by Sheldon, rather, he liked Sheldon's companionship! Very interesting reversal of TBBT fortunes so to say! James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher - poking fun at your own status as celebrities to the delight of sci- fi fangirls and fanboys is greatly appreciated. From all of us, we had some heartly laughs! Hope to see you James & Carrie on TBBT once again!
Eva United Kingdom, 10:25 Jan 31 2014.
Is was brilliant . I love the Big Bang theory .
sebik Romania, 07:13 Jan 31 2014.
where i can see this episode, do you have a link?
OxanaN Russia, 10:37 Jan 30 2014.
I wish I could watch the new season in Russia. Love TBBT a lot!
TiRenn Indonesia, 04:04 Jan 30 2014.
Really can't wait to see them all again, my TV seems "quiet" without their presence. For me TBBT's the best sitcom ever after Friends! Well, both have the same creator, anyway.. ;)
Lol I Know That Guy United Kingdom, 17:48 Jan 29 2014.
the best of the best of the best of the best. This is what the big bang theory is!
H Shaw Canada, 14:53 Jan 29 2014.
In what universe is Booklyn 99 better than Big Bang??? Duh!!! It's like comparing a Volkswagen to a Ferrari! Love the BBT and can't wait for tonight!
Al Canada, 21:44 Jan 27 2014.
awesome, about time for the next episode to come out. looking forward to this! keep it up guys!
Mark Canada, 14:10 Jan 27 2014.
big bang is the best of the best.

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