902 - The Separation Oscillation
Aired September 28, 2015

The Separation Oscillation

As Leonard and Penny struggle with the revelation he kissed another woman, Leonard goes to meet the woman in question, Mandy, in a bid to show Penny there's nothing to worry about. Elsewhere, Sheldon films an episode of Fun with Flags alone following his break-up with Amy, who is angered by Sheldon's thinly veiled comments about their recent split.

Meanwhile, Bernadette is uncomfortable with the fact she's known about Leonard's kiss for two years after Howard told her, while Raj is unhappy that he did not share the gossip with him.

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Guest Stars: Melissa Tang as Mandy

Writers: Steven Molaro (Story), Steve Holland (Story), Tara Hernandez (Story), Chuck Lorre (Teleplay), Jim Reynolds (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 15.23 million Households Rating: 10.3/16 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.8/13

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon and Amy's split, and how Sheldon both tries to get back at Amy for dumping him while also hoping to win her back.

> Fun with Flags

Still reeling from being dumped by Amy, Sheldon films an episode of Fun with Flags alone, focusing on countries which have separated. In the episode, Sheldon not-so-subtly compares his relationship with Amy to the split of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and that of Romania and Moldova.

> Sheldon's Knock

When Sheldon goes to Amy's apartment to give her a box of her belongings following their separation, Sheldon doesn't perform his characteristic knock. Amy believes it's because he wanted to make sure she opened the door to him, but Sheldon tells her it's because she no longer gets to enjoy his "charming eccentricities".

After Amy goes back into her apartment, Sheldon performs the rest of his ritualistic knock on a table in the corridor, remarking "Tables work, too. Good to know."

Quotes (44)

Leonard: I'm not being weird. Am I being weird?
Sheldon: Yes. And that's coming from me.

Sheldon: Thankfully all the things my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of with my right hand.

Amy: I've seen and talked to you more in the two days we've been broken up than in the last two months we were together.
Sheldon: Well, if you want to see less of me, maybe we should go out again.

Sheldon: Hello.
Leonard: Hey, buddy, can we have some privacy?
Sheldon: Of course. Wouldn't want to intrude. (takes red bra out of his pocket and hands it to Penny) This is yours.
Penny: Okay, when I'm done with him, I'm gonna need more information.
Sheldon: Nothing odd. I just wanted to rub Amy's nose in it.

Sheldon: She watched it. I'm gonna get that girl back.
Amy: I only watched it because you emailed it to me with the subject line "This is gonna make you mad."
Sheldon: She was listening through the door. She wants me.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
902 'The Separation Oscillation' Pictures September 13, 2015

In the September 28 episode, Sheldon films a special episode of Fun with Flags following his break from Amy. Meanwhile, Leonard tries to patch things up with Penny by talking to the woman he kissed during his North Sea expedition, and Bernadette feels guilty about keeping a secret from Penny.  Full story

902 'The Separation Oscillation' Press Release September 8, 2015

CBS has issued the press release for the second episode of The Big Bang Theory's upcoming ninth season. "The Separation Oscillation" will air Monday, September 28 at 8/7c. As previously reported, Melissa Tang (Mom) will guest star as Mandy, the woman whom Leonard kissed during his North Sea expedition two years ago.  Full story


After Sheldon goes to the kitchen in the middle of the night, he finds Leonard already up. Leonard explains he can't sleep because his wife is already not speaking to him after less than twenty-four hours of marriage. When Penny comes over to the apartment having been unable to sleep, she and Leonard wonder what they're going to do to patch things up. Sheldon suggests Penny makes things equal by kissing another person, like Leonard did. Now that he's single, Sheldon throws his hat into the ring, and soon he and Penny are making out. Leonard suddenly wakes up in his bedroom having been horrified by his dream.

When Sheldon video calls Amy, she explains she needs more time away from him to sort through her feelings. Sheldon claims to understand that they're broken up, but he reminds Amy about the "baby" they made together: Fun with Flags. Amy tells him she will not be coming over to film Fun with Flags now they're broken up, and Sheldon's tale of Sonny and Cher working together after their divorce does little to change her mind. Meanwhile, at the comic book store, Raj can't believe the news that Leonard made out with Mandy Chow. Even though the revelation is threatening Leonard's new marriage, Raj is more bothered by the fact Howard knew for two years and didn't tell him.

Sheldon goes to Amy's apartment with a box of her belongings, asking her to check through the box. When Amy finds a red bra among her property, Sheldon insinuates it could belong to any number of women now they're split up, though Amy recognizes it's Penny's bra. Elsewhere, at the Wolowitz house, Bernadette is angry with Howard for telling her about Leonard and Mandy, a secret she's had to keep for two years. Howard doesn't know why Bernadette's mad, so he apologizes for spending a lot of money on a George Clooney "Manscaping" kit.

Back at the apartment, Leonard calls a marriage counsellor to see how much a session costs, but it's more than he can afford. When Penny comes to talk to him, she apologizes for saying everything was okay before they got married. After Sheldon returns home, he suggests that Leonard introduce Penny to Mandy so she can see there's nothing for Penny to worry about. Leonard doesn't like the idea, which makes Penny even more uncomfortable with the idea that Leonard and Mandy see each other at work every day. Penny worries that even if Leonard doesn't have feelings for Mandy, perhaps she has them for him.

As Sheldon films an episode of Fun with Flags alone, he explains to his audience how Amy dumped him. Sheldon then moves onto the topic of the episode, which is countries that split up. Meanwhile, Leonard, Howard and Raj eat at the university cafeteria. When Leonard brings up how much marriage counselling costs, Howard already has an idea because he and Bernadette have occasionally gone to stay on top of their marriage. Raj is upset that Howard didn't tell him that he and Bernadette have been to counselling. When Mandy enters the cafeteria and sits down at another table, Raj and Howard made suggestive comments about how they find her attractive.

When Leonard goes over to talk to Mandy, she can barely remember their kiss during the North Sea expedition. After Leonard explains that he recently got married and had told his fiance about their kiss, Mandy posits that it sounds like he was trying to sabotage their relationship why dredging the kiss up from the past. Leonard admits that, on some level, he's always felt like he doesn't deserve a girl like Penny. Not taking the hint that Mandy isn't that interested in his personal problems, Leonard continues to sound off on his relationship with Penny. Elsewhere, Amy is furious when she watches Sheldon's latest episode of Fun with Flags, which features barely veiled references to their relationship split.

In her apartment, Leonard tells Penny he has something to say to her. Leonard admits that Penny might have been right when she told him he was trying to sabotage their relationship as they drove to Vegas to get married. Leonard says it's not too bad as he thinks he knows why he did that: he doesn't deserve Penny. She calls that a lame excuse but admits she gets it. Penny has the same worries that Leonard might one day leave her for someone more like himself. Leonard says they should stop being so scared and just be together. After a romantic and then cheesy speech about how he feels for Penny, Leonard gets down on one knee and asks her to stay married to him. Leonard and Penny go off to her bedroom to make their marriage official.

Back in the apartment, Leonard and Penny are surprised that Sheldon got them a wedding gift: plane tickets and hotel reservations for a weekend away in San Francisco. Leonard and Penny think the trip sounds great, even if Sheldon is coming with them. A furious Amy arrives to demand Sheldon take the latest Fun with Flags down from the Internet. After Amy leaves, Sheldon comments that Amy watched the episode so he's going to get the girl back. From the other side of the door, Amy yells that she only watched it because he emailed it to her. Sheldon takes Amy listening through the door as a sign she wants him back.

Comments (4)

thinker! United States, 13:12 Apr 4 2016.
Wow! I don't know where to begin in this one! Other than I can see Penny thinking Leonard may leave her for someone who like him. At the same time why Leonard told Penny about the kiss. He had something that bother him for long time that ye wanted to be straight. At the same time, I'm surprise that Sheldon bought them tickets! Even though the two guys have different views. There a deep respect for each other. I believe, Sheldon sees Leonard as a brother. Maybe an older brother? My thoughts, of course in past history of the Three. Sheldon seems to be the Child of Penny and Leonard! I still hope Amy and Sheldon get together??? Even though Sheldon is very old fashion, I'm surprise Amy isn't. But then, I can see she isn't clear what his thoughts are for the two of them. So, in a way, its good that they bought split up.
Cryptokity United States, 01:08 Jan 11 2016.
Penny and Sheldon have great acting chemistry and if Jim and Kaley end up together in real life, even better. However, I hate when plotlines tease Shenny or depict Sheldon and Penny as perfect while Amy and Leonard are depicted as manipulative and evil for comic relief. The truth is if Shenny was the ultimate endgame it should have happened already, or Sheldon should have never been given a love interest. Amy should have been introduced as another Leslie Winkle. Leonard could have even dated Amy to annoy Sheldon even further. Personally, I preferred when Leonard was in relationships with someone other than Penny (Priya, Stephanie, even Alex would have been interesting to see). He was much more confident and interesting. However, anyone including Amy, Bernadette, Priya, Alex, Stephanie, etc. that pose a challenge are quickly turned into being mean or possessive or a cheater to elevate Penny. Leonard has always pined for Penny. Even when he was dating Priya, he was upset when he thought Raj and Penny slept together. However, even though Penny doesn't seem to love Leonard, she does not like the idea of Leonard dating anyone else. That is not fair. You should not hold your partner hostage, simply because someone is threatening to interfere, if you do not truly love them. During Season 4 and 5, Sheldon genuinely respected Amy. He was jealous of Stuart and Leonard. However, during Season 6, 7, and 8, when there were no romantic threats, more "Shenny" teases and more Shamy conflict ensued. Sheldon lied to Kripke about having sex with Amy to save his reputation, but with no respect for Amy. Sheldon could have broken up at anytime if he felt it was too much pressure and the whole Shenny arc could have been established. Sheldon initiated the first breakup. They could have remained broken up. Sheldon could have broken up during the table episode despite being fed lines, because he clearly stopped repeating when Amy mentioned moving in. Sheldon mentioned breaking up in 8.1 after Amy told him it was ok he was not perfect. Sheldon is often depicted that his words are not deliberately hurtful. However, why is Sheldon allowed to be jealous or upset about Amy when he threatened multiple attempts to breakup, is willing to throw Amy under the bus, and even at one point wished she was dead? Also, Sheldon asked Penny not to hurt his friend when he found out Penny was contemplating breaking up with Leonard. Yet, Penny did not reciprocate the favor when Penny learned that Amy was debating her relationship with Sheldon. Everyone teases Amy about not getting sex, but the moment Sheldon says he is ready, everyone wonders if it is the right time for him. I wish Amy would have waited for marriage, but again Leonard and Amy just seem to be disposable. Even Stuart was likable when he dated Penny (Batman discussion with Sheldon), but he was also turned into a creepy disposable character too. Penny and Sheldon could have gotten together after 10 years of platonic friendship without ever even dating Leonard, Stuart, or Amy. To create all this angst and drama, and oscillation to breakup two long term couples, only to elevate one golden couple at the expense of other characters is unnecessary.
Mario Durante United States, 15:43 Oct 1 2015.
Have to admire Kaley Cuoco for her performance in the first two episodes of the new season especially in the wake of her own divorce situation. It must have been difficult to do those wedding scenes and the argument and makeup with Leonard Kudos to Kaley
Charles Damery Canada, 08:32 Sep 29 2015.
You always think of strange things in your sleep

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