907 - The Spock Resonance
Aired November 5, 2015

The Spock Resonance

While being interviewed for a documentary about Spock from "Star Trek," Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions about his recent break-up with Amy. Also, Wolowitz and Bernadette butt heads over remodeling his childhood home.

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Guest Stars: Wil Wheaton as Himself, Casey Sander as Mr. Rostenkowski, Adam Nimoy as Himself, Stephen Merchant as Dave

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Tara Hernandez (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Jeremy Howe (Teleplay)

Director: Nikki Lorre

Viewers: 14.81 million Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.7/13

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the Spock documentary being produced by Adam Nimoy for which Sheldon is interviewed, leading to an uncharacteristic display of emotion as Sheldon struggles to repress his feelings of loss over his break-up with Amy.

Quotes (38)

Wil Wheaton: Hey, Sheldon. This is Adam Nimoy.
Adam Nimoy: Nice to meet you.
Sheldon: Oh, it's nice to meet you. I admire your father's work very much.
It's not every day I get to meet someone whose life's journey began in my hero's scrotum.

Howard: May I say something?
Bernadette: Is it about how I can't have new wallpaper 'cause your dad left when you were little and your mom died?
Howard: Never mind.

Sheldon: I also have the other kind of will, and in it I will my Wil back to Wil.
Leonard: Will Wil want it?
Wil Wheaton: Wil won't.

Sheldon: As a child, when faced with a dilemma, my mother encouraged me to ask, "€œWhat would Jesus do?" The answer to that was always, "Love thy neighbor." But my neighbor had a dead tooth, so that wasn't going to happen.
But that's why I changed it to, "€œWhat would Spock do?"
Adam Nimoy: Did you find that helpful?
Sheldon: Yes. Oh, for example, three years ago when I discovered Penny was eating all my Pop-Tarts, instead of getting angry or vindictive, you know, I got a floor safe.
Penny: I knew I could smell 'em.

Bernadette: Hey. You got a minute?
Howard: Not really. Visigoths are kind of up my butt right now.
Bernadette: Pause the game, Howard.
Howard: "Howard?" Uh-oh. Make room, Visigoths.

News Stories

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907 'The Spock Resonance' Pictures November 3, 2015

We have added pictures from this week's new episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Spock Resonance", to our gallery. Adam Nimoy, son of the late actor Leonard Nimoy, appears in the episode. Wil Wheaton guest stars and Casey Sander returns as Bernadette's father, Mike Rostenkowski.  Full story

907 'The Spock Resonance' Press Release October 27, 2015

CBS has issued the press release for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Spock Resonance", which airs Thursday, November 5 at 8/7c on CBS.  Full story

Comments (12)

sladenoddy United Kingdom, 09:17 Nov 17 2015.
I did not like Penny's nasty comment to leonard, 'you probably had it coming". Totally not funny. They are a married couoke now, so enough with the sarcastic Peny and if you writers can't do that then Mr Lorre needs some new ones and fast.
@Administrator  United States, 12:10 Nov 14 2015.
Stephen Merchant's character's name is "Dave," not "Ethan."
Mario Durante United States, 13:50 Nov 10 2015.
Agree that the Shamy storyline has been the main focus this season and the writers seem to be straining to find plotlines for Penny/Leonard now that they are married. I don't believe I have seen them in a scene alone together since episode 2 when they made up. Think they had more intimate scenes when they were just dating.
Hand Hygiene is Important United States, 18:33 Nov 8 2015.
Take a lesson from M*A*S*H and say goodbye, farewell, and amen and be done with it. Alternatively take a lesson from Harry Potter, have them grow up, have their families and end the series. OR take a lesson from Star Trek and take a season break, then come back with new characters, similar characteristics but different strengths and a new twist.....
Paul United States, 12:37 Nov 8 2015.
Agree with Manisha: the evolution of Sheldon has been very well done. The show and the characters cannot stay the same. It's not how it works in life and it would surely bring the show to a premature death due to repetitiveness. I think slow development of Parson's character is the best part of the current shows.
David United States, 12:32 Nov 8 2015.
I like the way the characters in the show have matured. I think it has lost focus from earlier seasons. For instance, Leonard and Penny finally marry and now they the story has seemed to died. I appreciate the development of Sheldon and Amy but it's seems to have taken over all the other story lines. What's up with Emily and Raj? Bernadette and Howard seem to be an after thought. The group interaction that made the original seasons has seemed to split up into several individual story's. Might as well split the show into three seperate spinoffs and see if any stick.
Yinka Nigeria, 15:59 Nov 7 2015.
Let's drop the love story and bring back the geekiness
Spock India, 08:51 Nov 6 2015.
This episode was amazing. Sheldon, lol, sardonic as ever :))
Manisha India, 07:48 Nov 6 2015.
Love the gradual character development of Sheldon. But I miss the science geekiness in the dialogues.
Paul Canada, 21:15 Nov 5 2015.
I'm waiting for a rerun of this episode. My wife watched it and she says the character Sheldon made a racist remark about Native Americans. I am a big fan of the show but I am very turned off.

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