913 - The Empathy Optimization
Aired January 14, 2016

The Empathy Optimization

After having to deal with a sick Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang try to treat themselves to a Sheldon-free weekend.

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Laura Spencer as Emily

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Dave Goetsch (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Saladin K. Patterson (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon's attempt to show more empathy after he managed to insult all his friends as they cared for him while was ill.

Quotes (45)

Sheldon: Good. Then I'll be leaving now.
Emily: Oh, it's okay, Sheldon. Come with us.
Sheldon: Oh, that's very kind of you. But I'm sure you'll all have a better time without me. Let's go, Stuart.
Stuart: But I want to stay.
Sheldon: Stuart, now!

Amy: Hi, Sheldon.
Sheldon: Hello.
Amy: Are you feeling any better?
Sheldon: Physically, yes, but I'm upset because everyone's mad at me for no good reason.
Amy: Why don't you tell me what happened, and in a gentle, loving way, I'll explain to you why you're wrong.

Leonard: Come on, you pain in the ass!
Sheldon: That's me! Bye, Stuart.
Stuart: Wait! I'm a pain in the ass, too!

Sheldon: You know how, when you're sick, you're allowed to be cranky and say whatever you want and other people's feelings don't matter?
Amy: Ooh. Gentle and loving. This is gonna be tricky.

Sheldon: Raj, you were being a good friend, and my illness was no excuse for my behavior. I hope that you can accept my apology.
Raj: Of course I do.
Sheldon: And, Emily, I'm sorry for saying dermatologists aren't real doctors. And I'm sure you're tired of hearing that.
Emily: Do you honestly think I hear that a lot?
Sheldon: Well, I would imagine when your job is popping zits and squirting Botox into old lady faces-
Raj: Okay! Okay, the point is that we accept your apology.
Emily: Uh, maybe you do. He just insulted me again.
Raj: Yeah, but he doesn't mean it.
Emily: Why are you defending him?
Sheldon: I believe I can answer that. Uh, like me, Raj is demonstrating empathy.
Now, why don't you accept my apology, receive your free T-shirt, uh-- I hope extra small is okay. For some reason Wolowitz took a medium.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
913 'The Empathy Optimization' Press Release January 11, 2016

CBS has issued the press release for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Empathy Optimization", which airs this Thursday, January 14.  Full story

Comments (14)

big joe United States, 15:13 Feb 14 2016.
man do I ever agree with guest jan 15, 2016. the episode did suck and he also agrees to much SHELDON, SHJELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON. IN MY opion if Sheldon went away the show would be better, funnier, more adult ( as it should be after nine years). and there would be thousands of very jfunny storie lines with the rest of a great cast. PLEASE LOSE THE OBNOXIOUS SHELDON.
big joe United States, 15:11 Feb 7 2016.
this is for the Lenard and penny fans,maybe if enough of us speak up SOMEONE will notice. lets start with the wedding, when howard and bernadete got married yuou saw the whole ceremony, with just a little Sheldon in it. now with Lenard and penny you saw a little wedding (that was a wedding dress) and a lot of Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon. and by the way who would believe the Lenard would ever cheat on penny. so they break up, and then again Sheldon, Sheldon,sheldon, when is going to stop. maybe if we comment, help me out a lot Lenard and penny fans p;ease
big joe United States, 17:06 Jan 23 2016.
39, that is the amount of voters in 13 days. look at all the rest of the votes for other episodes and the polls list. does that tell you something producers. only 39 people even cared to vote and most arnt good. keep up Sheldon, Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon and there wont be a season 11.
norriw United States, 23:46 Jan 21 2016.
I know , Princess Shellie is the center of the BB universe ( and now the cause of a mixed metaphor , all hiser fault ) when we need more, example, guest stars ( like the upcoming Mee MAw, like it ) from home towns , how about an oldie but goldie, guest like Cybil Shepard or a Wayans showing up counter intuitive, ex teacher or preacher and homeless, challenging everyone's ( fans and characters ' ) pre conceptions, mis conceptions, faux faiths, self esteems, other esteems, or, if not homeless, at least with a sub 650 credit score and un rentable in Pasadena :)
big joe United States, 14:07 Jan 21 2016.
enough SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHEDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, SHELDON, get the picture. jproducers read your comment sections, and don't you think it odd that after a week the are only 35 voters on this show, that should tell you something, I hope.
norriw United States, 08:18 Jan 21 2016.
sorry it edits the plus sign , bathos PLUS pathos = resonant hilarity
norriw United States, 08:13 Jan 21 2016.
I meant bathos pathos = hilarity ... they have done well with Stu, in his undies with the boys scratching in Wolo's house, the butt of Sheldon's arrogance and Bernadette's ire.. he "frames" others' "character" , written well but with potential to bring empathy and humanity to his miss -adventures, his own nerd plight
norriw United States, 07:38 Jan 21 2016.
Bring Stuart more into the center of plots... he's the least OVERACTING - "indicating " of the bunch and has sub textual potential to spin some great episodes .....suppose he gets in with the modern/comic art world with submissions ? connected to Stan Lee ? connected to some HW hottie through _______ (fill in blank .... comics, Stan, family, uncle dermatoligist doctor ) he's naturally comic and pathetic a la meme fois.. bathos pathos = resonating hilarity
big joe United States, 16:17 Jan 18 2016.
I have a question, I wrote two comments on this episode in two different locations, unfortunaly the weren't jumping up and down excellent remarks, just the opposite, that was last Friday went I clicked on submit it said my comment would be listed shortly. funny thing about that, it seems if you don't write a good remark about a show it king of disappers , it never gets submitted. I wonder why, by the way the WORST,WORST,WORST,WORST, PRODUCED, DIRECTERD WRITTEN EPISODE in 9 years of the show. I wonder if this will gefft shown
Tony Williams Cyprus, 16:06 Jan 15 2016.
Good episode but a long way short of my favourite

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