915 - The Valentino Submergence
Aired February 11, 2016

The Valentino Submergence

Sheldon and Amy host a live Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags, Leonard and Penny grapple with getting older, Howard and Bernadette find a surprise in their hot tub and Raj is torn between Emily and the cute girl he met at the Comic Bookstore.

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Guest Stars: Laura Spencer as Emily, John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke, Alessandra Torresani as Claire, Creagen Dow as Maitre D', Shane Blades as Customer

Writers: Steven Molaro (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Tara Hernandez (Story), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Eric Kaplan (Teleplay), Jeremy Howe (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the rabbit, nicknamed Valentino, which was found drowning in Howard and Bernadette's hottub.

> Fun with Flags

For Valentine's Day, Sheldon and Amy host a special live episode of Fun with Flags, but their vexillological show goes off track when a distraught Raj calls in for relationship advice.

Quotes (34)

Sheldon: Oh, and speaking of Valentine's Day, I haven't forgotten about you tonight.
Amy: What do you mean?
Sheldon: Well, you've become such an integral part of my life as well as this show, I felt it only right to include your name in the title.
Amy: Oh, that is so sweet.
Sheldon: So from now on, this program will be officially known as Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler present Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Fun With Flags.
Amy: Catchy.

Amy: Hi. You're on Fun with Flags.
Barry Kripke: Hello. I want to talk about how lonely I am, too.
Raj: Kripke? Is that you?
Barry Kripke: Yeah, I'm just sitting here all by myself wondering if I'll ever find someone to share my life with. Preferably Asian, 18-24, no fatties.

Amy: Since we're live, you'll finally be able to reach out to us with your flag thoughts and flag questions.
Sheldon: Allow us to answer a few quick ones that we get all the time. Uh, yes, I really am a doctor. Uh, yes, she really is my girlfriend.
Amy: No, I just blink a lot, it's not Morse code for "rescue me."

Amy: Oh, looks like we just lost Kripke.
Barry Kripke: Actually, I'm still here.
Amy: Now?
Barry Kripke: Yup.
Amy: Now?
Barry Kripke: Yup!
Amy: Now? ... Oh, looks like we just lost Kripke.

Sheldon: If any of you are looking for something to do on Valentine's Day, Amy and I'll be streaming our first-ever live episode of Fun With Flags. You're welcome to join us as we celebrate the timeless love affair between wind and flapping fabric.
Leonard: Penny and I have dinner reservations that night, but any other time, no.

News Stories

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915 'The Valentino Submergence' Pictures February 8, 2016

We have added pictures from this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Valentino Submergence", to our gallery. In the episode, Sheldon and Amy host a live special Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags, Leonard and Penny struggle with getting older, Howard and Bernadette find something unexpected in their hot tub, and Raj feels torn between Emily and the girl he met at the comic book store.  Full story

Comments (8)

Michelle United States, 20:54 Feb 13 2016.
Great Episode! It sure left us with a surprise, I can't wait to see the gang react next week.
frank david Australia, 11:39 Feb 12 2016.
Seeing how Raj has just broken up with Emily, can i have her number? At least I can appreciate her.
Kyle Canada, 03:36 Feb 12 2016.
I am disheartened to see Emily leaving the show, because I think Rajesh is funnier when he's confident, and I really liked Emily's dark twisted side (none of the other characters has that). I think it would be a shame if she's gone for good. When Rajesh whines of his loneliness, he's more sad than funny.
Legacy99 United States, 16:02 Feb 8 2016.
To bad it isn't funny anymore
Tammy United States, 17:05 Feb 7 2016.
I love this show it makes me laugh . Always can get me in a good mood .
Frank Ly Australia, 14:28 Feb 5 2016.
It's such a great show but spoiled by the chaotic scheduling of episodes. Question. Are Penny and Leonard plus Howard & Bernadette ever going to have a honeymoon episode?
Peggieleep3@gmail.com United States, 13:22 Feb 4 2016.
I have been watching since the very first episode!! !! So far the only disappointing thing is there's not enough new episodes. I really relate with Sheldon. His human innocents was the same, this show is actually helping me with wmotional issues. I didn't have friends like he does and it wasn't funny. Now, I watch this and can laugh and come to term with my pain. God bless you, for touching on the pain
Your Mum United Kingdom, 15:49 Jan 31 2016.
Good episode, nice!

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