Guest Star: Brian Thomas Smith

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  • The Lunar Excitation

    Season 3, Episode 23 - The Lunar Excitation
    Aired May 24, 2010

    After Penny grows tired of her dim-witted date, she worries that dating Leonard has ruined her for dating normal guys. Meanwhile, Wolowitz and Koothrappali conspire to find Sheldon's perfect match online.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

    Season 4, Episode 10 - The Alien Parasite Hypothesis
    Aired December 9, 2010

    Amy is confused by an unusual sensation she felt in the presence of Penny's ex, Zack. With Sheldon's help, Amy realizes she was experiencing feelings of sexual arousal, so Sheldon sets out to help satisfy her needs. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj battle to find out who is the superhero and who is the sidekick in their friendship.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Justice League Recombination

    Season 4, Episode 11 - The Justice League Recombination
    Aired December 16, 2010

    With New Year's Eve approaching, the guys invite Zack and Penny to join their Justice League group at the comic book store's annual costume party. Their hopes of finally winning the contest this year are dashed when Penny pulls out.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Toast Derivation

    Season 4, Episode 17 - The Toast Derivation
    Aired February 24, 2011

    With Leonard and Priya now dating, the gang are spending more time at Priya's apartment. Sheldon is uncomfortable with this change but is powerless to stop it. After realizing Leonard is the center of their social group, not him, Sheldon sets out to find a new group of friends who will have fun his way. Meanwhile, Penny tries to move on after seeing Leonard in his new relationship.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Thanksgiving Decoupling

    Season 7, Episode 9 - The Thanksgiving Decoupling
    Aired November 21, 2013

    Sheldon objects when he is forced to spend Thanksgiving at Mrs. Wolowitz's house with the group. A mistake from Penny's past adds drama to the gang's festivities, while Sheldon enjoys some unexpected male bonding.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Cooper Extraction

    Season 7, Episode 11 - The Cooper Extraction
    Aired December 12, 2013

    When Sheldon flies back to Texas for his sister's childbirth, the gang gather to decorate the apartment's Christmas tree. When they begin to wonder what life would be like without Sheldon, they come to realize how big a part of their lifes he has become.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Fermentation Bifurcation

    Season 9, Episode 22 - The Fermentation Bifurcation
    Aired April 28, 2016

    The gang goes to a wine bar and runs into Penny's old boyfriend, Zack. Also, Bernadette gets stuck spending the evening with Sheldon when she can't go wine tasting with the group, and things don't go as planned when Koothrappali introduces his new girlfriend, Claire.

    Appeared as Zack

  • The Cognition Regeneration

    Season 10, Episode 22 - The Cognition Regeneration
    Aired April 27, 2017

    Leonard isn't thrilled when Penny considers taking a new job offered by her ex-boyfriend, Zack.

    Appeared as Zack

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