When does the next episode air?

Monday, October 6 at 8:00

'The Hook-Up Reverberation' - Season 8, Episode 4
Airs Monday, October 6 at 8:00 on CBS.

Raj's honesty about his past comes back to haunt him after his girlfriend, Emily, is cold to Penny. Also, the guys consider becoming part-owners in Stuart's comic book store.

Episode Schedule

The Big Bang Theory is in season.

The Big Bang Theory has temporarily moved to Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS to make way for Thursday Night Football. The eighth season began with an hour-long two-episode premiere on Monday, September 22. The show moves back to Thursday night starting October 30.

  • Monday, October 6 8:00   New Episode: #8.04 - The Hook-Up Reverberation
  • Monday, October 13 8:00   New Episode: #8.05 - T.B.C.
  • Monday, October 20 8:00   New Episode: #8.06 - T.B.C.
  • Thursday, October 30 8:00   New Episode: #8.07 - T.B.C.