Which of the characters' relatives is your favorite?

  • Sheldon's Mother (33,685 votes /34.5%)
  • Leonard's Mother (14,655 votes /15%)
  • Penny's Father (8,786 votes /9%)
  • Howard's Mother (23,125 votes /23.7%)
  • Raj's Father (2,166 votes /2.2%)
  • Raj's Mother (658 votes /0.7%)
  • Raj's Sister (6,160 votes /6.3%)
  • Sheldon's Sister (8,288 votes /8.5%)
  • 97,523 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Raj's Father PT Mondim De Basto, PT 4 hours ago
Leonard's Mother AE Dubai, AE 12 hours ago
Sheldon's Mother US Memphis, US 22 hours ago
Howard's Mother PT Lisbon, PT 17:45 Sep 24 2016
Howard's Mother PK Karachi, PK 14:44 Sep 24 2016

Comments (52)

SmellyPooper South Africa, 06:23 Apr 5 2016.
More plots involving all characters please...
Anne United Kingdom, 13:58 Nov 16 2015.
I think Kirsty Alley for Penny's mum. Bulldog from Frazier for Leonards dad.
Abbi United Kingdom, 20:08 Feb 21 2015.
Mrs Wolowitz had me in stitches everytime she opened her mouth. My third favourite character, after Sheldon and Howard of course
William Corwin United States, 18:07 Sep 19 2014.
Sheldon's Mom Is the best because she sound like a preacher
michaela United States, 11:35 Apr 4 2014.
Howard's mom is hilarious I'm still looking for a ringtone that says "Howard!...Get the phone!"
Jamie D. United States, 19:57 Mar 22 2014.
Yes they should ask Lisa Kudrow to play pennie's mother...she' funny and very pretty..
Darth Tommo United Kingdom, 16:18 Mar 17 2014.
We need to get the Koothrapalis over for at least one episode. It would be hysterical. Mrs K is just the best!
Robert Ray United States, 08:21 Mar 17 2014.
Raj's Mom, I don't understand why Raj's parents don't visit the USA so to become "walk-on" guests, or regulars on the show???
Rebecca Martin United Kingdom, 05:58 Mar 17 2014.
Raj's mum every time, she should be a regular on the show!!!
Robin Raiford United States, 22:57 Mar 16 2014.
Raj's father is so pussycat whipped by the mom... makes me laugh

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