Which character do you most relate to?

  • Sheldon (21,035 votes /28.5%)
  • Leonard (22,891 votes /31%)
  • Penny (12,074 votes /16.4%)
  • Howard (3,647 votes /4.9%)
  • Raj (6,168 votes /8.4%)
  • Amy (3,778 votes /5.1%)
  • Bernadette (4,222 votes /5.7%)
  • 73,815 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Leonard GB Falkirk, GB 3 hours ago
Sheldon US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Sheldon EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Penny DE Waldkirch, DE 16 hours ago
Bernadette GB Hanworth, GB 15:26 Mar 24 2017

Comments (48)

BBT BIGGEST FAN Australia, 04:59 Dec 22 2016.
Sheldon!!!!!!!!!!! i have an eidetic memory. i'm OCD. I don't understand sarcasm. i love science and anything geeky or nerdy. i love star trek. i play dungeons and dragons like a savage. i love correcting people and telling interesting facts. i don't like being touched and i can't handle having too many people in a room at once. me and Sheldon would be great friends without any physical contact. ohhhhhhh i almost forgot i can remember every song ever sung on the show , i can sing the title song in less than 10 seconds , the whole song in less than 1 minute and play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. Everyone i ever met called me Sheldon i wonder why ? BAZINGA!!!!!!!!
Sherry United States, 14:16 Mar 23 2014.
I relate the most to Amy Farrah Fowler. As much as I love all of the other characters, Amy really resonates with me. Geeky on the outside, a volcano on the inside. She is totally into Sheldon, quirks and all. I was like that with a particular boy in high school, but where Amy was successful in getting him I wasn't. Oh well, ya winsome, ya lose some.
Naresh shahi Nepal, 13:42 Mar 23 2014.
My charter is like leonard because he loves penny and so do I and more than him...
gokhan doganer Turkey, 05:05 Mar 23 2014.
i love this show so much.
Dan Pero United States, 18:38 Mar 22 2014.
A little bit of all of them in me.
Ally Italy, 18:28 Mar 22 2014.
I love Amy! She is my best character <3 and I love Mayim! She is great! :)
A.C.C.A United Kingdom, 17:46 Mar 22 2014.
Im like penny cos I love shoes!
Petr Jakoubek Czech Republic, 17:18 Mar 22 2014.
Leonard no1
Aline Moor Mexico, 15:27 Mar 22 2014.
I love Howard! :3
meerkat Spain, 15:22 Mar 22 2014.
Penny. ... Can't catch a break sometimes. And I love shoe shopping

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