Which character would you rather be stuck on a desert island with?

  • Sheldon (2,474 votes /18.5%)
  • Leonard (1,728 votes /12.9%)
  • Penny (6,090 votes /45.5%)
  • Howard (405 votes /3%)
  • Raj (667 votes /5%)
  • Amy (693 votes /5.2%)
  • Bernadette (1,212 votes /9%)
  • Stuart (124 votes /0.9%)
  • 13,393 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Penny US Santa Ana, US 2 hours and 37 minutes ago
Penny US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Penny EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Penny AU Darwin, AU 16 hours ago
Sheldon US Braddock, US 21 hours ago

Comments (43)

John United States, 09:52 Mar 16 2017.
I wish Penny dressed like she did the first few seasons.
pat babin United States, 14:11 Sep 29 2014.
raj. is a sissy boy
Lil miss teddy Australia, 13:21 Aug 24 2014.
I'd have to say Howard as he's an engineer, I'm sure we could think of something to help get us outta there.
Jey Philippines, 00:40 Aug 13 2014.
As much as I know Sheldon knowing everything about survival, I doubt he can really do it physically. I think I'll stick with Leonard, he know a lot and we can work together to stay alive long enough to be rescued.
Ann United States, 23:36 Jul 22 2014.
Stuart - if i am stuck on a deserted island like robinson Robinson Crusoe i want a good man friday to look after me.
Mindy F United States, 17:55 Jul 17 2014.
Why cant anyone see how amazing Raj is? Yummy! I hope they build his character more next season. He deserves the hottest girl!
James United States, 15:45 Jul 11 2014.
Amy is smart enough to keep us alive and sexual lyrics frustrated enough that even I might have a chance lol
chris t. United States, 07:16 Jul 10 2014.
Penny would know how to survive and won't drive me crazy.
0livia United States, 19:05 Jul 9 2014.
Amy, hands down. She's a scientist, figures things out quickly, she's practical, isn't squeemish ( like me), and has a whimsical side.
Sue United States, 18:22 Jul 9 2014.
I would choose Penny. In taking the question seriously, she knows how to hunt and fish. She has the most common sense.

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