Who is your favorite TBBT mother?

  • Mary Cooper (1,768 votes /61.3%)
  • Beverly Hofstadter (432 votes /15%)
  • Mrs. Wolowitz (573 votes /19.9%)
  • Mrs. Koothrappali (77 votes /2.7%)
  • Mrs. Fowler (13 votes /0.5%)
  • Mrs. Rostenkowski (20 votes /0.7%)
  • 2,883 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Mary Cooper GB Sheffield, GB 17:33 Oct 19 2016
Beverly Hofstadter GR Athens, GR 16:52 Oct 18 2016
Beverly Hofstadter IN IN 07:51 Oct 18 2016
Beverly Hofstadter RU Moscow, RU 09:51 Oct 17 2016
Mrs. Wolowitz US US 09:10 Oct 15 2016

Comments (19)

Amanda United States, 23:08 Jan 15 2015.
Mrs. Wolowitz is hilarious. Maybe I also relate to that because of a similar communication system within the household I grew up with.
Lexi Charles United Kingdom, 13:09 Nov 25 2014.
Sheldon is very good. Most people I onow have taken to calling me Sheldon after him. He has the character down. The way he is etc is correct. He must have really done some research.
Jane Demaree United States, 22:25 Jul 30 2014.
I love Sheldon's Mother
Mary Russia, 13:15 Jul 30 2014.
I like Hofstadter, cause she looks like Sheldon)))
Aidan Kephart United States, 18:30 Jul 28 2014.
It came down to the wire Mrs.Cooper and Mrs.Hofsteader but I chose Mrs.Cooper.
Shirley United States, 16:00 Jul 28 2014.
Mary Cooper is the only Mother that shows real love for her child by support but also by calling Sheldon out when he goes too far. Leonard's Mother is more goofed up than Sheldon.
Luis Guatemala, 15:51 Jul 28 2014.
No estoy loco!!!... Mi mami me realizo pruebas
Maureen Barnes  United Kingdom, 15:47 Jul 28 2014.
Mary cooper is the best mum on TV very funny but also very sensertive she loves sheldon very much
David G. United States, 21:35 May 15 2014.
Sheldon's mother is the best! A very smart piece of casting. I love it when she "preaches" to Sheldon. The back-and-forth is so funny.
David Netherlands, 08:03 May 1 2014.
Mary cooper is the most normal motheer of the hole serie

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