Who is your favorite of the Big Bang Theory girls?

  • Penny (6,907 votes /57.2%)
  • Amy (2,949 votes /24.4%)
  • Bernadette (2,224 votes /18.4%)
  • 12,080 votes

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Penny US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Penny EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Penny AU Rydalmere, AU 13 hours ago
Penny US Braddock, US 21 hours ago
Penny BR Belo Horizonte, BR 20:07 Mar 24 2017

Comments (57)

Crystaline Vedana Philippines, 10:46 Oct 5 2016.
Amy amy amy amy amy
Soft kitty Ireland, 02:20 Aug 18 2016.
Never knew Penny was in Charmed, she's like 20 years old, so cute but hot prancing about in a skimpy black belly top
Pooky Ireland, 02:36 Jul 28 2016.
Bernadette can play my clarinet if I can play her bongos
Cryptokity United States, 21:21 Jan 11 2016.
I think any regular that is considered a threat to Penny is minimized to not take away from Penny being the hot and sweet one. Priya, Stephanie, Alex, even Emily are very pretty and interesting, but the moment they garner attention, they are turned into a cheater, possessive, etc. and run off the show. They forced Bernadette's voice to change and made her mean after marriage, even though I still adore her character. Amy went from robotic to frumpy and needy. Bernadette and Amy were so much prettier during the princess makeovers and Amy looked amazing in the Star Trek uniform, but those moments are rare, all to elevate Penny.
amelie France, 19:16 Jan 9 2016.
Amy all way, she is so precious and important
Maria Spain, 18:09 Dec 29 2015.
Amy is so boring..., the episodes seems the second part of the lame "Blossom" serie.
Ramos16 Nigeria, 16:27 May 11 2015.
I am literally in love with Bernadette, she is awesome, her character is the second hardest to play after sheldon, yet she does it as if she was born with it, I really like her, she is funniest, her anger and sarcasm adds flavour to the show.... she is the best
Shayan Pakistan, 13:01 Mar 3 2015.
Bernadette is the best. Cute face, cute voice. The best entertainer of the show
George Belgium, 05:40 Jan 11 2015.
Actually, the problem with Amy is more then just making Sheldon boring. The show used to be about how differences aren't that bad. A partygirl like penny could fall in love with a nerd like leonard. Since Amy, it seems the story is now about how you can only be happy with someone who's exactly like yourself. Sheldon is socially awkward, he needs someone who is basically a female version of himself to successfully pair with. In season 6, Raj seemed to only find happiness with a girl with more social anxiety as himself. The show went from advocating love, despite differences to being about how everyone fits inside a box and you need to find someone who's got the same shape box to be happy.
Welcome to Dr. Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun with Flags India, 09:50 Jan 2 2015.
I hate Amy. The character of Sheldon has become less interesting after her entry in the show.

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