Which character is the most responsible?

  • Sheldon (1,967 votes /20.3%)
  • Leonard (4,187 votes /43.1%)
  • Penny (401 votes /4.1%)
  • Howard (87 votes /0.9%)
  • Raj (314 votes /3.2%)
  • Amy (1,108 votes /11.4%)
  • Bernadette (1,452 votes /15%)
  • Stuart (194 votes /2%)
  • 9,710 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Amy US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Leonard EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Bernadette ES Lleida, ES 12 hours ago
Penny DE Waldkirch, DE 16 hours ago
Amy NL Amsterdam, NL 14:21 Mar 24 2017

Comments (32)

Ali Danger Sweden, 13:09 Oct 3 2016.
I don't know why, but I voted for Penny. She cares about others more than Leonard I think.
Meghana India, 20:24 Sep 29 2016.
Undoubtedly it is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He has an agreement to everything in his head.
RM Cerrvone United States, 12:36 Jun 8 2015.
Leonard is the most responsible. He is the character with the most common sense. Sheldon can't handle situations outside his comfort zone, like a bird in the apartment or "The Prom Equizalency"
George Belgium, 12:23 Jan 8 2015.
To be honest, by default either Sheldon or Rajesh should win here. Howard stole security tech from the military after the appartment got robbed. Also debacles with the Mars Rover, that robotic arm and others indicate he'll break federal law when it pleases him or to impress women. Penny seems to be an alcoholic and her driving early on in the series was rather dangerous. Also, the "check-engine" light situation... Amy takes research animals home, taking vindictive pleasure in their suffering, licking the office equipment of a germophobe? I just don't see her as a responsible person. Bernadette, once needed quarantine because at a company party they mixed c*cktails in containers that had previously held diseases? Plus, she's far too happy to be working with lethal stuff. She's going to say oops oneday and release a supervirus that leads to sheldon's anticipated zombie apocalypse. Stuart; I'm 82 percent sure he's suicidal. If he ever goes through with it, i'm also afraid due to his bad luck and such, he'll take alot of people with him. Rajesh gets drunk to talk to people, which puts him in bad situations, but he's pretty reliable tbh. Leonard should in theory not win this at all. He nearly traded state secrets for sex (Joyce Kim and the rocketfuel), He was playing with rocketfuel in his home? flirting with people while in a relationship? That Arctic debacle (btw, as a scientist myself - if that had happened in real life, he wouldn't be able to find a job teaching science in a high school. You don't interfere with federal grants and important research data like that.) All together, Sheldon would win. He's arrogant and so on but everything he does seems to be aimed at making life safer. He complains to penny about her car hoping she'll get it fixed before she gets an accident. He's a nutcase true, but he is in the end - the one that would go the furthest to help a friend or protect one.
sandy United States, 08:42 Nov 4 2014.
Leonard is more responsible but Sheldon is more interesting to watch when he's aggravated
Jey Philippines, 00:17 Aug 14 2014.
My favorite character is Sheldon but I suppose I'd have to vote Leonard as being responsible. He doesn't exaggerate about basic stuff unlike, well...Compulsive Sheldon.
Marina Italy, 18:14 Jul 30 2014.
Leonardo forever
AirDake United States, 03:25 Jul 20 2014.
Bernadette gets my vote
Fragg United Kingdom, 17:55 Jul 19 2014.
Yeh of course, and it does not have anything to do with the fact that he is hot at all. Haha.
Kariana Uruguay, 17:42 Jul 19 2014.
Love Lenard

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