Which characters would you prefer to live with?

  • Sheldon & Leonard (2,721 votes /28.4%)
  • Penny (4,725 votes /49.3%)
  • Howard & Bernadette (268 votes /2.8%)
  • Raj (1,026 votes /10.7%)
  • Amy (660 votes /6.9%)
  • Stuart (175 votes /1.8%)
  • 9,575 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Penny US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Sheldon & Leonard EE Keila, EE 10 hours ago
Penny AU Moonah, AU 18 hours ago
Penny GB Hanworth, GB 15:26 Mar 24 2017
Penny AU Saint Kilda, AU 12:56 Mar 24 2017

Comments (29)

BBT BIGGEST FAN Australia, 05:11 Dec 22 2016.
sheldon leonard star treck gaming marathon this must be heaven
susan United States, 17:40 Nov 4 2015.
DUH!! Raj! He cooks and cleans and looks out for what makes you happy. Penny is a slob who thinks only of herself and drinks too much. Raj all the way!
bill560682 United States, 06:34 Aug 23 2014.
now i see no reason other then her looks ANYONE would want to live with penny she is a pennyless drunk.
Jey Philippines, 20:16 Aug 12 2014.
I would like to live with Leonard and Sheldon..Although Sheldon's OCD can be quite irritating Leonard will be there to bring balance to the force!!
Eid Nimir Saudi Arabia, 04:28 Aug 12 2014.
Definitely I will prefer to live with Amy Farrah Fowler. She's just sensitive, rational with just enough quantity of sense of humor and craziness. To me its a perfect combination of a person to live with her/him.
Eid Nimir Saudi Arabia, 04:08 Aug 12 2014.
Hiiii guys, To writers of this show i really like your indefinite talent. Its great show i generally like comedy shows and i really hard to be satisfied, but your show is just great and i can't wait for the next 8th season. I really want to know how the genius sily Sheldon will treat his stuff away of his friends.
Ha.t United States, 16:37 Jul 18 2014.
I'd choose stuart,cuase he is so kind and peace,he is so funny as well,I like his roll in the big bang theory by the way.
jessica day  United Kingdom, 11:36 Jul 14 2014.
Id live with stuart he is so cute
julie Australia, 23:36 Jul 13 2014.
luv Sheldon he is so cute funny
tam United States, 21:01 Jul 13 2014.
Raj because it would be peaceful. He cant talk to women. He could cook for me anytime and buy me a new car.

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