If you could be a Big Bang Theory character for the day, who would you be?

  • Sheldon (2,455 votes /36.1%)
  • Leonard (1,600 votes /23.5%)
  • Penny (1,207 votes /17.8%)
  • Howard (286 votes /4.2%)
  • Raj (315 votes /4.6%)
  • Amy (480 votes /7.1%)
  • Bernadette (328 votes /4.8%)
  • Stuart (128 votes /1.9%)
  • 6,799 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Leonard US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Sheldon US Eden, US 9 hours ago
Sheldon EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Sheldon IN Ghaziabad, IN 10 hours ago
Bernadette US Charlotte, US 20 hours ago

Comments (29)

Sarah United States, 19:44 Mar 21 2017.
Thanks, Grandma.
wannabegenius United States, 17:08 Jan 23 2017.
Sheldon. There is no such thing as smart enough.
big joe United States, 16:43 Mar 23 2016.
I would love to be Lenard for one day, so I could beat the crap out of Sheldon as many times as I could in one day. I would tell you Sheldon wouldn't get out of the hospital for months. thank you
Krish India, 02:04 Feb 22 2016.
I would be Leonard cos then I would sleep with Penny!
Jackie m1 United Kingdom, 19:29 Sep 30 2015.
Could you please tone down bernadetes high pitch squeeky voice. Too much. Never like that at the start.
Christie United States, 22:02 Aug 18 2015.
This is such a cool show. If I was about 40 years younger I would definitely Penny.
david United States, 03:58 Feb 12 2015.
I want to be Leonard he is so dam lucky to get to be with the hottest female on the show ya I'm talking about penny you lucky dog
Cindy United States, 21:15 Feb 11 2015.
I'd want to be penny just so I could have Leonard. He's so hottttt!!!!!!!
DaveMisual Hong Kong, 18:41 Feb 11 2015.
Raj..his job is so cool.
cinthya Mexico, 17:33 Feb 11 2015.
I'd love to be Amy so I get to kiss Sheldon and cuddle with him

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