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Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Howard: What is happening? Are we missing him?
Bernadette: No, that's not what this feeling is. Is it?
Howard: Of course not. He drove us crazy. Like when you were gonna make that pie and Stuart ate all the blueberries.
Bernadette: And he tried to deny it, but his teeth were all purple.
Howard: That was pretty cute.
Bernadette: Yeah. Eww, we are missing him!

Quote from the episode The Empathy Optimization

Bernadette: I brought you a little care package from work. It's our latest antiviral and the best decongestant we make.
Sheldon: I hope laughter is the best medicine, 'cause this care package is a joke.
Howard: Hey, she came all the way here- (Sheldon sneezes on Howard)
Bernadette: (Handing Howard the care package) You're gonna want to take these with food.

Quote from the episode The Hesitation Ramification

Howard: I'm serious. Go to the mall, talk to anybody. Practice. That way when you eventually do talk to a cute girl, it won't be so scary.
Bernadette: Or just keep dating the possum.

Quote from the episode The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

Bernadette: I have to go. Penny ratted me out. FYI, she's getting you a watch for your birthday with money she took out of your wallet.

Quote from the episode The Hook-Up Reverberation

Howard: So me and the guys were talking about this great investment opportunity.
Bernadette: Nope.
Howard: But you didn't hear what it was.
Bernadette: I know.

Quote from the episode The Skywalker Incursion

Bernadette: Don't listen to him. All she's got is a serve. Now grab a fresh tampon and put her away.

Quote from the episode The Spock Resonance

Bernadette: All right. Let's start over. I'm redecorating. The furniture, the carpeting, the walls. I'm changing everything that depresses me when I look at it. Try not to be one of those things.

Quote from the episode The Mystery Date Observation

Amy: Do you have any heels higher than this? He's pretty tall.
Bernadette: Ooh, tall! Finally some details about this mystery man.

Quote from the episode The Mystery Date Observation

Penny: Oh, damn it, we should have brought binoculars.
Bernadette: Right here.
Leonard: We just happen to have those in the car?
Bernadette: Kinda. Before I met Howie, I liked to keep close tabs on my boyfriends.
Leonard: By stalking them?
Bernadette: No. Stalkers are creepy. I'm just a harmless little girl with military-grade spy equipment.

Quote from the episode The Mystery Date Observation

Leonard: It looks like they're having a nice time. I wish I could hear what they're saying.
Bernadette: Yeah, I should've brought my parabolic microphone.
Penny: Your what?
Bernadette: Nothing. Not important.

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Bernadette: Oh, look. The teddy bear Stuart won the night we took him to the fair.
Howard: Oh, he was so excited.
Bernadette: Yeah. You know, no matter how hard they tried, they could not guess his age.

Quote from the episode The Valentino Submergence

Bernadette: If you're really worried, we'll take him to the vet and have him tested. Good.
Howard: Thank you. Oh, okay, there is a test! All they have to do is ... cut off his head and check his brain.
Bernadette: Oh, cut off his head? That's where his little nose is.

Quote from the episode The Solder Excursion Diversion

Penny: I mean, it's crazy, isn't it? I moved here from Nebraska to be an actress, and now I'm sitting in an engineering lab at Caltech helping to build a prototype for a high-tech guidance system.
Bernadette: It is crazy. It's also crazy that I've made fourteen of these and you've made three.

Quote from the episode The Platonic Permutation

Emily: Are you and I close enough for me to say that's creepy?
Bernadette: We are, and I believe the word you're looking for is eugh!

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Bernadette: Boy, when was the last time Stuart cleaned this place?
Howard: No kidding. Oh, okay, I'm about to suck something up. What do you think this object sounds like?
Bernadette: Howie, I don't want to play Lego, Toenail or Pill anymore.

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