Quotes from ‘The Escape Hatch Identification’

The Escape Hatch Identification

'The Escape Hatch Identification' - Season 10, Episode 18

When Raj moves out of his apartment, Leonard and Penny offer him Sheldon's old room.

Air Date: March 9, 2017.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: Well, I think it's very nice that you're helping out our friend.
Leonard: I think it's nice that you're taking whatever medication Amy's clearly giving you.

Quote from Howard

Howard: You've got a Raj, we've got a Stuart. Maybe we should take them both to the park and let them run around together.

Quote from Stuart

Bernadette: Nobody needs a mooch living in their house forever.
Stuart: Hey, that's no way to talk about your baby.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: I spoke with Leonard's mother, and she made me feel better.
Leonard: I don't know who you talked to, but that wasn't my mother.

Quote from Leonard

Penny: Well, it's like that science thing. For every action, you have a gigantic and annoying reaction.
Leonard: Just when I thought you couldn't get any hotter.

Quote from Raj

Raj: Hey, what's it like sharing a bathroom with Penny? Is there hair everywhere? Does she use your loofah?
Penny: I don't have a loofah.
Raj: Okay, well, if I move in, you can't use mine.

Quote from Raj

Raj: I was literally just looking at my moving boxes, trying to pick one to live in.

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