Episode 2.11 Overview Posted December 15, 2008

Episode 2.11 Overview

The final new episode of The Big Bang Theory for the year has just aired. Episode 2.11, "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis", was the first Christmas episode of the show. We'd like to hear your views on the episode. You can add your comments to our Episode Guide, our forums, or comment on this story.

The vanity card from this episode will be posted at ChuckLorre.com.

New episodes will return January 12th with reruns filling the slot until then. There will be a special broadcast of The Big Bang Theory on New Year's Day at 8PM.

We'll be back later today with the ratings for the episode.

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Comments (6)

Anonymous United States, 20:40 Dec 16 2008.
Loved it! Actually Sheldon was quite right about the Saturnalia but aside from that it was hysterical. Loved the reaction to the gift, the hug, just way too funny!
Ross United Kingdom, 16:40 Dec 16 2008.
Hi guys, Great job with the site :)
Anonymous United States, 10:15 Dec 16 2008.
this was the best episode, so far. We love them all, but Sheldon's hug at the end OMG we watche dit five times. I saved it on my DVR so I can watch it again!!!
TheBigBangManila Philippines, 10:06 Dec 16 2008.
hahahaha, i love how Sheldon reacted when he first saw the autograph napkin, he's like having a brain freeze.
Anonymous United States, 21:20 Dec 15 2008.
I LOVED that Penny got Sheldon the Leonard Nemoy napkin. She knows him so well! The the hug was pure awesome XD
Ryan United States, 21:05 Dec 15 2008.
Amazing! One of my top 5 episodes. I thought the scene between Leonard and Penny in her apartment was great and def. leading somewhere.

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