Happy Birthday Johnny! Posted April 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Today is Johnny Galecki's birthday. The Big Bang Theory Site wishes him a very happy birthday.

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FullaSchmidt United States, 17:53 Jan 7 2016.
Hey man I hope you had a great birthday as well as the one coming up
Nico Van de Venne Belgium, 10:09 Jul 9 2015.
Hi Johnny, I find you are a great asset to the show and the way you bounce of your character against Parson's is a joy to see and hear. Greetings from the country you where born :) We are small but we are big enough to means something.
blake burrows United States, 20:39 Jun 18 2015.
Lenard u r my favorite I hope u have a great birthday plz remember me we could be best friends so u do im going to do something crazy.HAPPY BIRTHDAY LENARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
ammar pakistani Pakistan, 10:54 May 18 2015.
i love u..not in the sense of physical..u ppls cost me 1 semester..thankx..HBD
Dimity wiggins of pelverata tasmania Australia, 23:48 May 14 2015.
the science (physics...not Geology)lol. i luv all u guys. i watch ya shows three or four times over, plus i have all the season and i still watch em over and over...please bring out season 11,12..etc. as i would be so devastated if this show ever stopped as i feel u guys r my family as i have none off my own :). have a awesome day buddy u deserve only the best...love u all always Dim xoxo
Sheila United States, 21:39 May 11 2015.
Happy birthday You should really meet my husband he looks almost exactly like you. Everyone here is calling him that. He has even had other people ask for his autograph. Them thinking it was you.
michael hart United States, 01:37 May 3 2015.
happy brthday lanrrd
Wendy Frederick Australia, 00:21 May 3 2015.
Happy Birthday Johnny, hope you had a great day, x
Carol United States, 12:33 May 1 2015.
Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a great one & got everything you wanted. Love the show!
5Mississippis United States, 18:29 Apr 30 2015.
Another trip around the sun! Happy Birthday, Johnny! And best of all, tomorrow is the day is the day where you can go around saying, 'What? Do you think I was born yesterday?' Have a good one!

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