Happy Birthday, Jim! Posted March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Today is Jim Parsons' birthday. The Big Bang Theory Site wishes him a very happy birthday.

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Leah Ashley United States, 00:00 Mar 24 2016.
May your Birthday be an excellent adventure! Have a happy one! %uD83C%uDF82%uD83C%uDF88%uD83C%uDF89
Shreya  United States, 06:58 May 31 2015.
Belated happy birthday to you Jim Parsons
saurabh sinha India, 00:26 Apr 23 2015.
wishing u a very happy birthday sheldon cooper. have a blast and a great year ahead.
Ines Martinz India, 07:27 Apr 7 2015.
Sheldon is one character everybody loves.Here is a collection of 5 amazing facts about Dr.Sheldon Cooper. http://worldofoddballs.com/5-fantastic-facts-about-jim-parsons-from-big-bang-theory/
shrodingers cat  United Kingdom, 16:25 Apr 6 2015.
love u and show hope u had a brilliant birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2
harry smith United Kingdom, 11:27 Apr 6 2015.
your birthday is the same as mine. also massive fan of the big bang theory
pppy Norway, 17:55 Apr 5 2015.
All Things I know about him is that he is a gay
Daniel  United States, 20:49 Apr 3 2015.
happy birthday Jim! Have an incredible day my friend!!
Callum Australia, 01:08 Apr 3 2015.
Happy birthday mate from aussie
Larry United States, 00:01 Apr 3 2015.
I like you and your roll a lot. Looking forward to the new season. Best of wishes Jim

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