Episode 2.13 Name Posted January 8, 2009

Episode 2.13 Name

CBS has not yet announced Episode 2.13, airing January 19th, but we do know that it will be titled "The Friendship Algorithm".

New episodes return Monday, January 12th, with "The Killer Robot Instability" but there will be a rerun on Monday, January 26th.

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Tommo Australia, 05:33 Jan 13 2009.
Breaks. How depressing...
Patrick United States, 12:10 Jan 9 2009.
One would assume they're saving new episodes for the Nielsen "sweeps" months in March and May, when networks set their commercial advertising rates based on the number of people watching the show.
Sara Australia, 12:24 Jan 8 2009.
Does anyone know why they're taking another break on the 26th?

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