Jim on 'Late Late Show' Posted March 12, 2009

Jim on 'Late Late Show'

Jim Parsons will be appearing on CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson again tonight (technically tomorrow, Friday 13th), the show airs at 12:35am ET/PT.

Jim Parsons has appeared on the show twice before.

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Carolyn Burton United States, 23:51 Jun 8 2015.
I love the quote from Penny "holy crap on a cracker" (used a couple of times at least). Jim is extremely good at facial expressions and body language. So many shows these days "dumb down" to the audience that it's great to have an intelligent show. I can't imagine Any character in the show being played by anybody else.
sandy India, 05:57 Oct 29 2012.
Sheldon Cooper is awsome.I have a colleague once, who looks just like him.
george United Kingdom, 19:03 Mar 6 2011.
Jim ... do you think that you are God ?? .... cause I think you are!! ...my life wouldn't be the same without you... TBBT FOREVER!!!
Mohan Kumar Japan, 09:56 Aug 6 2010.
Sheldon rocks....he is the best character i have ever seen...
Tripthy India, 05:22 Aug 5 2010.
Absolutely love Sheldon Cooper <3
Allen Australia, 23:01 Jul 28 2010.
Sheldon is just a perfect example of what people with Aspergers are like he is my type of guy keep it going.
David Australia, 06:10 Jul 21 2010.
sheldon is the king. i want him to sell trucks in austalia for me!
merna Australia, 07:54 May 24 2010.
I love love love Sheldon! baginga haha
Norkor Ghana, 10:25 May 18 2010.
I am crazy about this guy!would love to meet him one day!
Ruth Dobbins United States, 17:50 Dec 31 2009.
Sheldon is such a hoot.. I wonder if there is someone like him in real life... if so, it must be difficult for that poor soul to have any friends but in the mean time Sheldon is awesome.. I can not but love this poor kid

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