Jim Parsons loses out in Emmy Awards Posted September 20, 2009

Jim Parsons loses out in Emmy Awards

Jim Parsons didn't win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. The Emmy went instead to 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin.

This was Parsons' first nomination for the award, and the show's first major nomination.

Christine Baranski didn't win in the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series award. She lost out to Tina Fey's appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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Comments (76)

Zinbo Myanmar, 12:06 Oct 21 2012.
You're the greatest actor I've ever seen.Jim go for it.
From Way Up North... Canada, 17:14 Sep 17 2011.
Hey Jim! Your the best and guess what your emmy in 2010 proved it! You will win tomorrow's emmy for sure(2011, 63 emmy's) Keep up the good work <3 and have fun with it P.s. Saw sneek peek on Season 5 TBBT and you are so funny :P See ya keep it up :D
Milad Netherlands, 19:27 Aug 19 2010.
Hmm its not normal ur acting i swar i tought u were really crazy, Then i saw ur interviews!! Keep up the great work! greetings from Netherlands!
Ettienne South Africa, 06:16 Jul 27 2010.
BAZINGA! :( Stuff Baldwin! You deserve the Emmy Jim!
Chun Lim Singapore, 10:33 Jul 10 2010.
Love ur acting, ur d best!
Prezze Belgium, 14:56 Jun 25 2010.
Wonderfull actor ... great character Keep up the great work!
rami United Arab Emirates, 11:57 Jun 24 2010.
you are amazing actor man
Skitz Qatar, 09:00 Jun 23 2010.
I love Sheldon Cooperrrr... Jim is really a great actor... on interviews he is so same like Sheldon but in a nice way,....
Paul Murphy Australia, 12:27 May 2 2010.
I agree. Jim should have won the Emmy. Great actor doing a an amzing character. Just remembering those lines is impressive.
ali Australia, 00:26 May 2 2010.
emmys are nuts...sheldon cooper is the best comic character ever so how on earth didnt he win

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