Episode 3.03 Ratings Posted October 6, 2009

Episode 3.03 Ratings

The ratings for last night's episode are out. The show continued to build on its lead-in Two and a Half Men in the adults 18-49 demographic, but neither show matched their high ratings of the last two weeks.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 12.25 million people, placing second in viewers. It posted a 4.5/10 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, coming first.

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Anonymous United States, 23:05 Oct 10 2009.
I noticed a difference in writing, but I wouldn't start worrying. You can't judge a whole season just by its first 3 episodes.
Anonymous Czech Republic, 18:08 Oct 10 2009.
the best serial
blackhat Spain, 12:12 Oct 7 2009.
I personally found this episode to be a bit dull, but the first two episodes oh season 3 had some great lines in them. So I wouldn't panic and start thinking it's the beggining of the end, as there have been equally unexciting episode in the previous seasons. It's just a matter of inspiration - some days are better than others. And no offence to the people who did enjoy this episode; I'm a big fan myself.
Anonymous Philippines, 08:18 Oct 7 2009.
Not as funny as their other episodes ... the geek humor that edged them out last two seasons are becoming to wither away as the characters try to "blend in" with the normal world. we have to succumb to the fact that TBBT must cater to bigger audiences, and along with it the story becomes relatable or worse, formulaic and stereotypical.
tudor Romania, 18:23 Oct 6 2009.
oh my god, first of all i am glad i found this site, i am a huge fan of the big bang show!Not funny?I almost pissed myself!!I laught trough the entire episode, cant wait for the next one!!
Anonymous United States, 17:26 Oct 6 2009.
they've lost their smart humor, the edge that it had over other shows in previous seasons. now it just seems like any old sitcom. it may as well be two straight episodes of two and a half men.
Anonymous United States, 15:55 Oct 6 2009.
I thought maybe it was just me--not nearly as funny--so far.
Anonymous Japan, 14:33 Oct 6 2009.
I have noticed the writing is different, too. No physics talk?
Anonymous United States, 14:14 Oct 6 2009.
I too have notice a difference in the writing. What is going on? Have the writers changed?
Irrel United States, 13:55 Oct 6 2009.
NOT FUNNY? I lol-ed during the entire episode last night!

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