Upcoming Episodes Posted November 19, 2009

Upcoming Episodes

We have a few bits of information to share on upcoming episodes.

-There will be a rerun of the Season 3 premiere, The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation, on November 30th.

-Danica McKellar, star of The Wonder Years and author of best selling mathematics books, will guest star in the 11th episode of this season, Bill Prady revealed on his Twitter account.

-The 12th episode of this season will be titled 'The Maternal Congruence'. Dave Goetsch posted the cover of the script on his Twitter account. Christine Baranski is to reprise her role as Leonard's mother in this January episode.

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Ronnie United Kingdom, 15:55 Dec 30 2009.
Bring on series 4!
Anonymous Chile, 07:46 Nov 23 2009.
well maybe Mrs Hofstader will drive crazy to all nerd gang again, I wish I knew more details about Danica participation
Anonymous United States, 18:41 Nov 19 2009.
Glad Mrs. Hofstader is coming back! And soo glad the repeat is the premiere, I loved it! But I hope that the title isn't implying that Sheldon and Mrs. H hook up-that would be so dumb as Sheldon is NOT INTERESTED IN ANYONE LIKE THAT!

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