Episode 3.15 Ratings Posted February 9, 2010

Episode 3.15 Ratings

Last night's episode hit new highs for the show and finished first in all key metrics. The Big Bang Theory continued to build on the adults 18-49 demographic rating of its lead-in Two and a Half Men.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 16.20 million people, its highest showing to date. It scored a 10.3/15 rating in households and a 6.0/14 rating with adults 18-49, up from Men's 5.7/13 rating.

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Leeela Ukraine, 10:26 Mar 1 2010.
i guess 16 mln its quite small figure, counting on how much viewers are in ukraine and russia, who are watching BBT from torrents
Tony Murphy United Kingdom, 10:39 Feb 10 2010.
If Sheldon ever wants to go to the LHC tell him to drop me a line, I'll be back there in March for 6 weeks!!! - Another excellent episode.
Amber Pearson United States, 23:51 Feb 9 2010.
My favorite show on television, and this was definitely a brilliant episode. This show sets the bar for comedic television, hands down. There's not another airing right now that makes you think like this one. Go Big Bang!
Tim Rowe United States, 14:55 Feb 9 2010.
Good episode. I finally figured out who Sheldon reminds me of.... a "grown up" Calvin of Calvin and Hobbs. Maybe they could show Sheldon going off on a grocery manager for the way the store is organized.
Sarah Brooks United States, 12:47 Feb 9 2010.
No surpise there. Let's keep the show at nuber one, shall we? Spread the word through various networking sites. Have BBT viewing parties. After all, we nerds can't clone ourselves...yet.

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