'Big Bang' at 9:00 on May 3 Posted April 15, 2010

'Big Bang' at 9:00 on May 3

CBS is to air a new episode of The Big Bang Theory at 9:00/8c on Monday, May 3rd, followed by a rerun of the show in its regular slot. Big Bang is displacing Two and a Half Men from its regular 9/8c slot.

Charlie Sheen's personal troubles led to Men being two episodes short this year. Two and a Half Men remains America's most popular sitcom, although Big Bang has been giving it a run for its money with adults 18-49.

The original episode of The Big Bang Theory airing May 3rd is "The Spaghetti Catalyst".

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Mohamed Awien Libya, 09:06 May 20 2010.
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Administrator, 18:20 Apr 30 2010.
Two and a Half Men isn't airing on Monday because of Charlie Sheen's personal troubles leading to a shorter season. Men returns the week after for the final 3 episodes of this season.
hello tvland writers wheres my 2.5 on Monday night United States, 17:26 Apr 30 2010.
Did I miss something, what happened to the final ep of 2.5?....This Monday TBBT will run twice.....CBS - Dont mess with 2.5M on Monday night - any night, what happened? I hate schedule changes like that......Charlie was supposed to marry Rose....was that the final ep? Wheres the ZZ Top ep of 2.5...how many googles to I have to read to find out where is the final 2.5, .....you guys rock...hey Penny - show up on Mike and Molly at the hot chick....because.....Chuck Lorre is going to need a hottie due to fatties advertising on CBS - lets see what will the ads be....bread...cheese....corn dogs....CBS dont do this, dont take away 2.5M this Monday night....already I'm in misery over it...Charlie - dont let CBS kick you out of your Monday night slot.....GOD - I'm just hating that switch....in fact....after this litle note, now I have to writer Les over at me favorite network and tell him he needs to drink more beers with Lorre to stay on top of the schedule bad changes.....just say call me anything, but late for a show....and when there is no show...GOD - now I have to take up unplugging computers and tvs in my home......and oh, by the way, the other 17 million that will miss the 2.5M on Monday......god, there isnt even a monday night football to compete with ratings.....okk TBBT lets see how your numbers will turn out......good luck, while your waiting for your numbers, I'm sucking down old reruns of 2.5 to fill my empty heart.

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