'Big Bang' at 9:00 tonight Posted May 3, 2010

'Big Bang' at 9:00 tonight

Tonight's original episode of The Big Bang Theory will air at 9:00/8c. The episode is The Spaghetti Catalyst, which sees Sheldon go to extreme lengths to keep Penny and Leonard talking. This will be followed by a rerun of The Einstein Approximation in the usual time of 9:30/8:30c.

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Shenaya Australia, 18:53 Jan 17 2014.
I really like Big Bang theory me and my boy friend watch it every night. We never miss an eposode its great. I can't thing of any ideas because every one is just so good.
Carter Canada, 12:50 Oct 6 2011.
I think that sheldon should go crazy and be put in a mental hospiatal and he goes all OCD and corects everone and this goes on for a couple of episodes
kendra Canada, 18:45 Aug 22 2011.
i love the big bang thoery sheldon is cool right!)
Ali United States, 18:52 May 6 2010.
Agree with previous comments. why would you air the rerun in the usual slot when everyone would be expecting new epi at normal time???? I was so disappointed when I went to watch what i had recorded
lani United States, 00:14 May 6 2010.
Love the episode, but i totally agree with you guys...they should really let the viewers know when they are going to change things!!!
anita United States, 05:08 May 4 2010.
Totally agree Stephanie!! I had it recorded in its regular time slot and missed it...why don't they make these changes clear? Do they want us to miss it?! I hope they show it again soon!
GRUMPY United States, 01:04 May 4 2010.
Thanks for showing the original episode early, so I missed it. Next time, show the new episode in the regular time slot. I can't be the only one who feels jerked around.
Stephanie Canada, 21:35 May 3 2010.
Penny and Leonard are an awesome couple...funny and sweet. If they're not going to be together...I'm not watching anymore :(
Josh Venezuela, 18:07 May 3 2010.
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii please hackers do your best!!!!!!!!

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