Fox, TBS to syndicate Big Bang Theory Posted May 15, 2010

Fox, TBS to syndicate Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has been sold for off-network syndication to TBS and Fox in a huge multi-platform deal by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

The show will hit the comedy cable station and select Fox stations in fall 2011. The show will air on Fox stations in the following markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Houston, Phoenix, Miami, Orlando and Baltimore. TBS will have exclusive cable rights and begin airing the show in fall 2011.

Financial details were not disclosed but interest in the show has been known to be high. Broadcasting & Cable speculates Fox may have paid $100,000 per week for the show in New York. Fox outbid rival Tribune for the rights to the show.

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Comments (14)

michelle United States, 19:10 Dec 19 2012.
they are awesome
george United States, 18:24 Jun 4 2012.
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
janet chavez United States, 07:28 May 22 2012.
i love The Big Bang Theory... I laugh every show i watch.. All of them are funny.. I love Sheldon, and Leonard... the most... I wanrt to see Leonard and Penny hook up for good but if that happens it would not be The Big Bang Theory.....
Gaara Sutcliff United States, 09:44 Nov 23 2011.
I wanna see him go out with Velma from ScoobyDoo <3
osheiana United States, 09:24 Oct 23 2011.
i think that the show is so funny i almosted pee myseft
laura United States, 16:32 Sep 15 2011.
The show will air 7:30 & 11 pm (Eastern Time) on Fox
Joanne United States, 09:14 Sep 14 2011.
Love the show and would like to know when Fox plans to air it daily and what time slot.
Kevin Erazo United States, 23:25 Jun 30 2011.
What is the time slot going to be????????????
aryanna United States, 14:46 Jun 2 2011.
I love this show!!! Unfortunatly I missed season 3 and 4. I made my bf buy me the seasons so I can catch up. I cnt wait for my DVDs to get here.
gold Philippines, 09:13 Jul 6 2010.
good! maybe they'll pay the actors more ;) i love big bang theory!!!! ;)

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