News Roundup Posted June 3, 2010

News Roundup

Big Bang Theory Stars Want A 285% Raise
    The cast of The Big Bang Theory are looking for a 285% wage rise, according to Forbes. This rise would take them from the relatively low (considering the success of the show) wage of $65,000 per episode to $250,000. The new wage would still be significantly less than Charlie Sheen, for example, earns per episode of Two and a Half Men. Sheen is now thought to be receiving upwards of $1.5m for each episode of Men.

Television Critics Association Awards
    The nominations for the Television Critics Association Awards have been announced today. The Big Bang Theory is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and Jim Parsons for Individual achievement in comedy. The show will go up against Modern Family, Glee, Party Down and Parks and Recreation. Jim Parsons faces competition from Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet (both Modern Family), Jane Lynch (Glee) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation). Big Bang and Parsons both won in their respective categories at the awards last year. The ceremony will take place on July 31st.

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Comments (12)

Heather United States, 16:40 Jun 14 2010.
Give them the raise! Deduct it from the salaries of those morons on two and a half men if you must!
Sameer United Arab Emirates, 23:50 Jun 11 2010.
Yes Sure,,they deserve for such great performance....
Diane United States, 10:01 Jun 11 2010.
They deserve every dime of the $250,000 they are asking for...but include Howard & Raj too. If the FRIENDS cast all made a million per epidsode, I'd say CBS is getting a huge bargin for the BBT's cast at $250,000 each!
Theria Adair United States, 00:12 Jun 8 2010.
I love this show soooo much! Just give 'em what they want, or else I won't get what I want! Lol
Kovo Canada, 20:23 Jun 7 2010.
The 3 main stars definitely deserve a raise BUT so do the other two. We shouldn't forget Howard and Raj. Although the 3 main actors are perfect and funny. The show wouldn't be BBT if Rah and Howard weren't the way they are.
carol United States, 08:07 Jun 7 2010.
If Mr. Sheen gets paid as much as he does for just playing himself on TV, then the cast of BBT should get their asked for raise. Mr. Sheen is a dirtball playing a dirtball. No acting required.
Broderick Australia, 22:35 Jun 6 2010.
I love BBT and the show is a MASSIVE hit in both NZ and Australia where I live. Give em what they want after all CBS will be making a killing off this show.
majdeddin Iran, 18:22 Jun 6 2010.
You know, i live in iran and my monthly income is about 350 dollars. I hardly can imagine this amount of money only for one episode. But they make people laugh, they don't kill people and they don't make weapons, then may be they deserve it.
Sara United States, 12:46 Jun 5 2010.
They definitely deserve the raise. Best show on TV.
kimmie  Canada, 21:04 Jun 4 2010.
i also agree you should totaly go for it. this is my favourite show!

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