News Roundup Posted June 29, 2010

News Roundup

Bill Prady reveals Season 4 Premiere Date
   The Big Bang Theory will return for Season 4 on Thursday, September 23rd at 8/7c. Bill Prady revealed the date today on his Twitter account. CBS announced their plans in May to have Big Bang spearhead a new hour of comedy on Thursday nights. NOW Awards
   The NOW awards are still running and it looks like Big Bang Theory may be slipping behind in the race for Best Ensemble Cast. Vote now to keep them on top!

Jim Parsons to seek separate contract negotiations?
   The Big Bang Theory cast are currently renegotiating their contracts in light of the show's increasing success, and Deadline Hollywood reports Jim Parsons may be looking to negotiate his contract separately from Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki. Many had presumed the cast would act like the cast of Friends and negotiate together. Warner, however, are reportedly planning to offer a 'favored nation' deal that sees all three paid the best salary any of them were able to negotiate.

Comments (21)

jude United States, 03:40 Aug 2 2011.
I cant wait for season 5 to start. That cliffhanger with raj and penny had to be the upsolute best way to end season 4.
derrick Canada, 20:10 May 24 2011.
can't wait for season 5 of the big bang theory can't wait penny and raj I hope they start a relationship its about time.
bigbangfan Australia, 05:48 Feb 19 2011.
i heard somewhere that kayley couco's character ''penny'' has been axed due to negative responses by test audiances, can anyone tell me any more on this?
Byron United States, 09:12 Sep 23 2010.
I will watch again when penny and Leonard or back together.
Binbin China, 02:56 Aug 31 2010.
I love this show. Jim Parsons is definitely my favourate actor. And this show my favourite commedy. Bazinga, wahahaha~~~
Dan Ecuador, 16:46 Aug 28 2010.
People from all over Latin America love the show...It's really big down here. Everybody's looking forward to the new season. I hope the new episodes come quick to Warner Channel Latam that broadcasts it here!!!!!
Rodi Belgium, 17:30 Aug 22 2010.
I love this show and I do believe the new season will be great. I would like to see Penny and Leonard back together. I am very curious about the relationship between Sheldon and Amy
forest United States, 17:55 Aug 18 2010.
I love the show and the cast. I think the side characters they have brought in, such as Leonard's mother, have been fabulous as well. I hope that Jim does not alienate himself from the others if they are banding together for negotiations. I wouldn't want to see a rift start between the actors. I look forward to the new season and the potential love interest between Amy and Sheldon. I would like to see Penny and Leonard hanging out back together again. Maybe not so hot and heavy. And, what ever happened to Bernadette? I liked her character also. Here's to a great new BAZINGA season!!
Administrator, 13:33 Aug 14 2010.
@jonbob, the US TV season always runs from September - May. Shows like TBBT usually start in September for 22-24 episodes.
jonbob United Kingdom, 11:58 Aug 14 2010.
why September why not sooner

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