Jim to appear on Lopez Tonight Posted July 29, 2010

Jim to appear on Lopez Tonight

Jim Parsons will be appearing on Lopez Tonight next Monday, August 2nd. If you're in the Los Angeles area you can get tickets to be in the audience and see the show recorded live. Simply head over to lopeztonight.com/audience and enter your details along with the promo code ³bbt² for your chance to be in the audience. If you can't make it, you can watch the show at 11/10c on TBS.

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Eliza Australia, 01:42 Jan 15 2012.
I love this show and watch every weeknight. All the characters are my favourite. They`re hilarious. I think `Howard` does great impersonations! He cracks me up every time. I love how `Sheldon` is kind of gung ho, though he looks to be the weakest.All of the women in the show are terrific too, although Rajs` sister seems out of place in this show. However she is a good contrast for the others showing how funny and out of step they really are, while she is the norm.
Yesenia United States, 06:23 Nov 28 2010.
Because of you (Sheldon) I have become the biggest BBT fan ever! I love this show so very much! Keep up the good work!
alana jay Australia, 21:14 Aug 7 2010.
hi jim(sheldon) you are the best actor and have agreatb sense of humor. TIP: stay in the humorous characher people. you will get more money! thank you
CDM China, 09:19 Aug 5 2010.
Sheldon,I love U...you are so cute.I hope i can see Jim in person som time.
james United Kingdom, 17:37 Aug 4 2010.
Jim Parsons your a funny and talented actor, with a fantastic career ahead of you. Id love to see you play data off star trek some time : )
Jean United States, 08:23 Aug 4 2010.
Jim was so cute last night. And what a nice reception he received from the audience! I always think he seems a little embarrassed by all the attention. But he deserves it!

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