Guest Star Roundup

Guest Star Roundup

With the new season of The Big Bang Theory nearly upon us, there has been a lot of news about upcoming guest appearances. Here's a roundup of the latest guest star news.

-Mayim Bialik (Blossom) is appearing in the season opener, The Robotic Manipulation, as Sheldon's date.

-Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, appears as himself in the second episode of the season, The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification.

-Laurie Metcalf is returning as Sheldon's mother in what will probably be the third episode of the season.

-Katee Sackhoff and George Takei are to appear as themselves in the episode tentatively scheduled for October 14, according to TV Squad. While Howard considers getting back together with Bernadette, the pair will present opposing points of the view on the matter as figments of Howard's imagination. Melissa Rauch appears again as Bernadette in the episode.

-Wil Wheaton is poised to make another appearance in the show, according to the Ausiello Files. Bill Prady told Michael Ausiello that he wants to revive the bitter feud between Sheldon & Evil Wil Wheaton this season.

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Comments (19)

Maureen United Kingdom, 10:20 Dec 10 2012.
Sheldon must be related to Niles Crane somewhere down the line. Great show, fantastic cast.
mrs foo Australia, 06:16 Jan 22 2012.
I hate this is show it is horrible the jokes are so darn lame and they try so hard to be funny. This show is rubbish%u2026..BAZINGA
Jack Chile, 10:24 Dec 24 2010.
Rowan atkinson could be Sheldon's real father (from an old affair with Sheldon's mom)
BUDDY United States, 21:53 Oct 9 2010.
Would love to see Leonard Nimoy make a cameo. sheldon would love to meet his hero.
Amy  United States, 22:29 Sep 17 2010.
Shirley MacLaine as mee-maw
LEXY Canada, 21:50 Sep 12 2010.
sheldon and his experiment with human social interactions may prove to be amusing, bazinga, i don't care(I ACTUALLY REALLY REALLY DO, my bff got me hooked on the show its are favourite thing to do together)
Stellar Canada, 08:55 Sep 12 2010.
I'm hoping that Leslie Winkle will make a few appearances this season. She brings a lot to the show.
marty hunter United States, 07:20 Sep 11 2010.
do you think betty white could play memaw
mcrevis Sweden, 06:41 Sep 11 2010.
While I admit that common people are trying to better their meaningless existance by watching this series, it constantly baffles me why... I mean, don't they realise (and therefore accept) that they have reached the pinnacle of said existance?.......... BAZINGA !!! (lol) I eagerly await the release of season 3 & 4 on DVD as TBBT isn't shown regularly here in Sweden.
Adam Hungary, 10:10 Sep 10 2010.
I love The Bing Bang Theory!I Wait fot 4th season.(from Hungary)

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