News Roundup Posted September 23, 2010

News Roundup

Eliza Dushku to guest star on The Big Bang Theory
  Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Eliza Dushku is to guest star in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory, according to TV Guide. Dushku, known for her work on Buffy and spin-off Angel, will appear in the seventh episode of the season as an FBI agent assigned to vet Wolowitz for security clearance.

Get #bigbangtheory trending
  Bill Prady and Kunal Nayyar are asking Big Bang Theory fans to get the show trending on Twitter today. Just use the #bigbangtheory hash tag to display your support for the show.

Big Bang Theory Poster Props are trying to measure fan interest in two posters from The Big Bang Theory. If there's enough interest in the items, the posters will go into production right away! The two posters they're looking at making are the Robot Captain Future poster and the Robot Cook poster. Click the links to sign the petitions or let us know in the comments which you are interested in.

Win a Big Bang Theory T-Shirt
  Our Big Bang Theory t-shirt contest is still open for a few more days. Enter the contest now! The t-shirt up for grabs is the Sheldon Ball Pit Bazinga shirt.

Comments (4)

Atomic Kommie Comics United States, 11:35 Oct 8 2010.
The history of Captain(s) Future (there were TWO of them), including the original magazine cover Leonard and Sheldon's poster is based on, as well as links to related collectibles, can be found at
CoolioVids United States, 13:22 Oct 1 2010.
eh penny is ok she is HOT but her character is ok
Amanda Jones Canada, 20:28 Sep 23 2010.
Okay this ep: is the extension of the writers and the actors, it has class, humour and an abundant amount of smart witty humour! I love the robot.....and Howard, how does Howard always get himself into situations to get off....!!! And where's Lenard?? no connection with Penny in this ep, regardless as per usually Sheldon comes through with immense laughter and witty comments...
CoolioVids United States, 13:33 Sep 23 2010.
big bang ftw

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