Episode 4.03 Ratings Posted October 8, 2010

Episode 4.03 Ratings

The ratings for the third episode of Season 4 are out and show the move to Thursdays continues to pay off for CBS.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 12.49m people, down by around half a million from last week. The show set an 8.4/14 rating in households, up from last week. In the important adults 18-49 demographic the show scored a 4.0/13, down from last week. The show finished first in its slot in all key demographics.

More about the episode

'The Zazzy Substitution' - Season 4, Episode 3
Airs October 7, 2010 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon and Amy break up after an argument over the importance of their respective fields. Sheldon struggles to cope with the change and seeks an alternative to human companionship.

Comments (19)

Diego T. Spain, 09:59 Oct 23 2010.
"Shamy" is really boooring. This is probably the worst BB episode I ever seen. I'm sorry because I'm a great FUN of as, but 4 me "Amy" really doesn't work. I hope she will go away soon
China, 09:03 Oct 14 2010.
why Amy,why,why,why. Does sheldon must have a girlfriend? if so,why not penny. Amy was so disgusting.
awong Costa Rica, 14:52 Oct 13 2010.
Season 4 is great shamy brings something new to the show, every episode is funny and clever, and gives the same quality we are used to or even more...
didi Mexico, 10:55 Oct 13 2010.
since the 4th season I don´t like it at all, please you are the best, something is wrong, maybe is Amy...
abhishek India, 09:41 Oct 13 2010.
disn't like the third episode completly boring and not upto the standards of BIG BANG Sorry sheldon u will have to break up cause SHAMY doesn't work for ur fans
Meysam Iran, 14:04 Oct 12 2010.
I love 4x02 episode. when Sheldon met Steve Wozniak was so funny. but Amy was so boring.
MK France, 12:57 Oct 11 2010.
I'm sorry but I really, STRONGLY dislike "shamy" Must I point out that when TBBT cast when to Comic-Con in 2009, someone asked about Sheldon & Penny getting together, which they called "shenny" See where they got "shamy" from now?? Personally I would love to see Sheldon & Penny :)) they have the greatest chemistry throughout the ENTIRE show
Gabo China, 23:36 Oct 10 2010.
I prefered episode 4X02. I really don't like the new Character Amy!! She is not funny at all, they should find a new girlfriend for Sheldon!
Kathy United States, 18:18 Oct 9 2010.
Please go back to Mondays! It always started my week off great. Also, I think the writing is geared to a 9:30 audience not 8.
Gubba Canada, 10:50 Oct 9 2010.
There is a serious error in 4X03! While walking up the stairs, Sheldon says "... the Rebel Alliance tendency to build Death Stars." Any Star Wars fan knows that the Rebel Alliance destroyed two Death Stars.

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