Episode 4.11 Ratings Posted December 18, 2010

Episode 4.11 Ratings

The ratings for Thursday's episode, the last Big Bang Theory episode of 2010, are out. The show dominated Thursday night and was the most popular broadcast with adults 18-49 of the night.

The show was watched by 13.23m people and finished first in its slot. The show garnered a 7.9/13 rating in households and a 4.0/13 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic.

Kaley Cuoco has recorded a song for charity with her boyfriend's band. All proceeds from the cover of "Over the Rainbow" will go to the Humane Society. You see a PSA video at the Humane Society website or download the song from iTunes.

More about the episode

'The Justice League Recombination' - Season 4, Episode 11
Airs December 16, 2010 at 8/7c on CBS.

With New Year's Eve approaching, the guys invite Zack and Penny to join their Justice League group at the comic book store's annual costume party. Could this be the year they finally win?

Comments (21)

NoGodsNoNations Greece, 18:51 Jan 3 2011.
The show is good but when it comes to relations, I believe that the messed up a good tv series idea... They confuse it so much with Penny loves leonard, Penny don't like Leonard, the same with all girls in the show... Pity, for nerds you are most interested in getting them girlfriends.... always
lali United States, 15:33 Jan 3 2011.
very funny. Sheldon, I love you Mr. Smart
Salah Egypt, 15:13 Jan 3 2011.
Best show ....
El_DJ Mexico, 10:25 Jan 3 2011.
I was watching the video of Kaley and her boyfriend and... gee... she... she... she's so hot and sexy as ever but... please!! don't sing!!
majdeddin United States, 19:39 Jan 1 2011.
Absolutely one of the bests. Zack is funny.
Ryan Germany, 20:10 Dec 30 2010.
Its my new favourite show.. just orderd the seasons on amazon.. cause well they dont air in germany.. but im so hyped for the next episode.. god bless the internet :)
katydid37 Canada, 14:17 Dec 29 2010.
LOVE TBBT!!! my new favourite show, jim parsons is my new fav actor!!!
GK Canada, 20:56 Dec 27 2010.
awesome episode, realy funny!TBBT rocks!
vaggelis Greece, 11:09 Dec 26 2010.
i m BATMAN !!!
kishi Philippines, 07:40 Dec 25 2010.
agreed. the best episode. i guess it was more of the geekdom jokes and less of the green jokes that really took us by storm.

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