Episode 4.12 Ratings Posted January 7, 2011

Episode 4.12 Ratings

The ratings for the first Big Bang Theory episode of 2011 are out. CBS saw its largest Thursday audience this season, while The Big Bang Theory posted its best ratings since November 4th.

The show was watched by 14.02m people and scored an 8.12/14 rating in households. The episode set a 4.4/13 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic and a 5.7/15 rating in the adults 25-54 demo. The Big Bang Theory finished first in all key metrics.

More about the episode

'The Bus Pants Utilization' - Season 4, Episode 12
Airs January 6, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Leonard has an idea for a smartphone app, the gang get to work on developing it. Sheldon and Leonard's friendship is threatened when Sheldon tries to take over the project.

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EngBreakfast Switzerland, 17:22 Jan 28 2011.
The 12th episode of season 4 was a total disaster. The actors are great but what the hell happened to the script? Sheldon is an adorable character who fails to understand unspoken social laws, not a total jackass. Whoever the writer was, he totally didn't understand Sheldon's character at all. I was very disappointed.
NoorBall United Kingdom, 08:00 Jan 22 2011.
to dimaga: I think the show it OK, just your expectations from the serial after 2 seasons were too much. I started to watch the BBT from 3rd season, and I think it was the best season. 4th season is not coming up to my expectations, but nevertheless, if you take all 4 season, and watch it at once, you will see bright sides and funny episodes of the season! All episodes were good, 11,13,6,9 - were very good, 10 - not good, this is my estimation!
dimaga Ukraine, 10:28 Jan 11 2011.
This show sucks since director is Mark Sendrowsky. Pilot was great. 1st season was great. 2nd was so-so... 3rd is a crap. 4th is a total crap. This show is no more about physicists.
kingsofcrunk Canada, 12:26 Jan 10 2011.
raj is bisexual
Leo Metelys Brazil, 19:07 Jan 9 2011.
Cool. Just cool.
LLHslcRRKpHJW United States, 14:19 Jan 9 2011.
It seemed awfully short to me. It didn't seem to have a purpose.
Chinmay Ratnaparkhi India, 01:15 Jan 8 2011.
I think the writers are doing a great job.. Kaley Cuoco broke her leg in September, she was not on the show, but still the show went on smoothly.. Last episode was a blast..!
ceba Chile, 20:29 Jan 7 2011.
Nothing is what it was...
NoGodsNoNations Greece, 17:04 Jan 7 2011.
Total crap! I think the sho is moving away from the guys getting girlfriends and that sucks!

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