Jim Parsons wins Golden Globe

Jim Parsons wins Golden Globe

Jim Parsons won the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards yesterday. The award was presented by fellow Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. Parsons beat out competition from Steve Carell (The Office), Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), Matthew Morrison (Glee) and Thomas Jane (Hung) to win the award.

This is the actor's first Golden Globe award. Parsons won an Emmy for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper at last year's Emmy Awards. The Big Bang Theory, which was nominated in the Best Television Series – Comedy Or Musical category, lost out to Fox's Glee.

  Posted January 17 2011 in Jim Parsons.

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Szaack Australia, 12:10 Jun 3 2013.
Best comedy actor of all time in my opinion!! Best of the best!!
liz Canada, 10:47 Jan 14 2013.
Best ensemble comedy ever, anchored by brilliant Jim Parsons.
Jess United Kingdom, 14:37 Jan 13 2013.
I love TBBT but I am still trying to get my cousin Jay Jay to love it too. Well done Jim!!!
milahan williams United States, 00:54 Dec 7 2012.
I love this show; love the cast, finally a show that isnt about drugs and banging roomates or random people. Its refreshing and always witty and funny. You actually learn new things without realizing it. Keep it up cast and writers!
elnaz Iran, 14:58 Sep 9 2012.
He is the best actor ever......he deserved it...ha.....ha....did i lie??...
Andrew United Kingdom, 16:26 Sep 6 2012.
I love this show. A lot of the American shows we get in the UK just aren't funny. "Big Bang" has more jokes in 5 minutes than most "conedy" shows have in an episode. Great writing, great characterisations and performances, and is a show that treats its audience as adults with intelligence. I sometimes wonder, though, how an American comedy show manages to get away with so many "dirty" jokes? Maybe because it is so intelligently written that a lot of people who might easily be offended just don't get the jokes?!
Stephen D. Denmark, 03:14 Jun 22 2012.
This is the greatest show ever! So complete in the plot, acting, setup and etc.! Long time since I've laughed so hard and found my self captured like this... Deepest respect to the cast and all affiliated to make this series to what it is!
Paul United Kingdom, 12:21 Feb 21 2012.
Brilliant acting, brilliant script writing, brilliant cast, brilliant show.....er did I say how brilliant it was...
immanuel Namibia, 19:07 Oct 17 2011.
oh man you the best you deserve it
Dr wack a doodle Greece, 20:15 Oct 5 2011.
I have to say this award got me a whole lot disappointed... Jim Parsons should totally not get this award... BAZINGA! One of my best don't you think?

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