Episode 4.13 Ratings Posted January 21, 2011

Episode 4.13 Ratings

The ratings for last night's episode, the first to face American Idol, are out. The show performed strongly even with the heated competition from the popular reality contest.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by a typical 13.58m people, down only by 400,000 from the last original episode. The show scored an 8.1/13 rating in households and a 4.2/12 in the key adults 18-49 demographic. The show finished second in all key metrics.

Compared with the last original episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Bus Pants Utilization" which aired January 6th, the show retained 97% of its viewers and 95% of its adult 18-49 audience. Last night's episode clocked in around 3% above the season average for original episodes.

More about the episode

'The Love Car Displacement' - Season 4, Episode 13
Airs January 20, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

The entire gang travels to a hotel for a science conference. Their visit turns tense when Bernadette runs into her ex-boyfriend.

Comments (34)

cynn India, 02:15 Mar 7 2011.
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu sheldonnnnnnn ! aww sheldon's doing great :) sheldon has a cute smile :) season 3 was the best :)
Paul Australia, 03:33 Feb 10 2011.
Leonard, his awkward gawking continued pout appears to either make him appear either dumb, homosexual or both. Ask him to keep his mouth, intellectuals and mouth droolers are generally incompatable.
belle Australia, 20:34 Feb 6 2011.
give Raj a girlfriend please!
Nani Puerto Rico, 14:27 Feb 4 2011.
I like Amy, and I dont think Sheldon would ever be with Penny. Even if there might be some Freudian link between Penny and Sheldon's mother, their personality is like water and oil.
Chris  United Kingdom, 17:09 Feb 3 2011.
It's as if they are bored doing this now. Come one spring some life back into your characters. Still love the program
john Mexico, 17:41 Feb 2 2011.
the problem here is with the schedule instead of been weekly episodes they are becoming every now and the episodes so some of us forget when or where to watch what if they keep this up there going to end up killing the show is nothing worst than turning to see a show that doesn't give the new episode on the day it's meant and people start to look for something else on tv
FL Canada, 15:57 Feb 2 2011.
I need to say that I don't like Amy either. TBBT has enough of one carachter out of this world. But the episode was good. Really like Bernadette and Howard.
omg  Australia, 01:32 Feb 1 2011.
i LOVED sheldon's OMG joke. did everyone else?
mzsade India, 04:35 Jan 30 2011.
Might as well have watched Friends or some such crap..you will belie your calling unless you have some real nerd thrown in, in every episode. Compare this to the well crafted previous episode, with the idea of the app, the theremin, and Jim Parsons singing "nobody knows.." on it. The most inane episode of the season, that's my vote, go suck on it.
Sabrina Italy, 17:38 Jan 28 2011.
great episode!!!I really enjoy it!!Sheldon the best!!!

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