Episode 4.15 Ratings Posted February 11, 2011

Episode 4.15 Ratings

The ratings for last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory are out. The show was down on the previous week by around 1m viewers.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 12.79m people and placed second behind Fox's American Idol. The show scored a 3.9/11 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic, down around 9% from last week. The show set an 8.8/13 rating in households.

More about the episode

'The Benefactor Factor' - Season 4, Episode 15
Airs February 10, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

Leonard must consider how far he's willing to go for science when a wealthy donor makes an intimate proposal.

Comments (17)

kostas United States, 10:55 Feb 18 2011.
thanks Michael!
Michael Israel, 06:02 Feb 18 2011.
2 kostas: Omaha is a city in Nebraska, that was the meaning of the joke in first episode
limbo United States, 08:56 Feb 17 2011.
and how many servants does rajs family has? too many (more than they can use) like in the last episode or just four (and 2 of them are children)?
kostas United States, 08:48 Feb 17 2011.
so where is Penny from? Omaha like in the first episode or Nebraska like in all the others
NE United Kingdom, 18:22 Feb 16 2011.
Mil Leonard and Penny. I wonder if the ratings were higher then?
kaveh Iran, 01:28 Feb 15 2011.
better than last week, but still is far away from best episodes (like the last episode of seanosn 3)
Vov India, 12:08 Feb 14 2011.
This one was not so much fun like others but still gr8...... ;)
NBCddd India, 12:07 Feb 14 2011.
Hey no news on Ep17
stnk Poland, 01:53 Feb 14 2011.
I miss "bazinga"...
kostas Greece, 18:48 Feb 13 2011.
better than last weeks. But u know... anything would be better than last weeks. Bring back Kripcke

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