CBS Announces Episode 4.20 Posted March 14, 2011

CBS Announces Episode 4.20

CBS has announced the details for the April 7th episode of The Big Bang Theory.

"The Herb Garden Germination" - Sheldon and Amy experiment on their friends by spreading gossip, while Howard takes a big step in his relationship with Bernadette, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, April 7 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

You can find more information about the episode in our Episode Guide.

More about the episode

'The Herb Garden Germination' - Season 4, Episode 20
Airs April 7, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

After a rumor spreads that Bernadette is planning to break up with Howard, Sheldon and Amy spread their own rumors as a social experiment.

Comments (15)

Ged United Kingdom, 11:56 Apr 9 2011.
I think Raj needs a girlfriend, at least for a little bit. Maybe someone who drives a wedge between the group.
go shenny Australia, 04:04 Apr 8 2011.
sheldon amy. - amy. sheldon penny. ahh. now THAT's a perfect show :)
sarah China, 20:59 Mar 30 2011.
shamy is OK, but I think anothor penny is better for sheldon
dani Australia, 07:59 Mar 29 2011.
shamy is the shiz :)
kaveh Iran, 03:05 Mar 29 2011.
i don't like amy, maybe another penny is better choice
T Doc Germany, 19:41 Mar 28 2011.
how many new episodes are planed? the 4. will not be the last, rigth?
newtonaber United Kingdom, 10:33 Mar 27 2011.
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Roberto Mexico, 20:40 Mar 26 2011.
I love Amy i think she adds a nice relationship type thing with sheldon , i dont thing they will make them date or anything but its nice to see how they are around eachother .
mark United States, 17:07 Mar 24 2011.
The one big difference between Amy and Sheldon is, Amy is far more hormonal -- the whole Zack thing, her electric toothbrush named Gerard, her 128 sexual encounters (if you include a scientific experiment in which orgasm was achieved by electronically stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain). Meanwhile Sheldon... has backed out of donating sperm.
mandy United States, 02:59 Mar 23 2011.
Shamy is awesome, and Amy is different than Sheldon, although she doesn't catch on to social protocol like normal people, she is at least willing to, and does more than Sheldon.

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