CBS Announces Fall Premiere Dates

CBS Announces Fall Premiere Dates

CBS today announced their 2011/12 season premiere dates. The Big Bang Theory will return on Thursday, September 22nd at 8/7c with its fifth season premiere. Viewers will be treated to a double dose of The Big Bang Theory that night with another episode of the show at 8:30/7:30c. The back-to-back episodes of the show are followed by the premiere of a new drama Person of Interest and then the 4th season premiere of The Mentalist.

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ricardo grandson Jamaica, 21:18 Sep 8 2012.
cant wait 2 c raj talkin 2 women without being drunk or on drugs.XD
Jason United States, 20:12 Sep 20 2011.
Can't wait to see it, only two more days!
ceci Wang United States, 18:08 Sep 20 2011.
The Big Bang Theory is funny, interesting, and educational. It's the most intellegent comedy show. My best wishes to all the cast,the writers and all people involved in the show, because they deserve two thumbs up. Overall wish it will run for many years to come.
Daeli Venezuela, 14:25 Sep 20 2011.
it's gonna be great the 5th season... I Can't wait to see it...
Aziz Qatar, 20:39 Sep 18 2011.
WOW cant wait only a few days left :P
Vandita Tanwar Norway, 05:49 Sep 7 2011.
Awesome....Cant wait for BBT's 5th season.
murat Turkey, 07:53 Sep 3 2011.
best news... the big bang theory every week days.. soo 5 time a week :D love penny :P
Sergio Mexico, 23:57 Aug 7 2011.
I Lovin it! Cant Wait to see the 5th season...
Crystal  United States, 00:07 Aug 6 2011.
Yay I cant wait .. My boyfriend got me hooked on it just a few weeks ago. I downloaded all 4 seasons so far n only have 2 episodes left of season 4 idk what I'm goona do when I have to wait a week between each episode .. :( oh well .. oh and who excited for another 3 yrs of TBBT! I saw that cbs has signed them until 2014 now!!! yay
Maggie Canada, 11:51 Aug 4 2011.
Best show on TV

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