Courtney Ford to guest star on Big Bang Theory Posted September 22, 2011

Courtney Ford to guest star on Big Bang Theory

Courtney Ford (Dexter, True Blood) is set to guest star on The Big Bang Theory in a potentially recurring role, reports The actress will play Alice, a cute artsy girl who is, much like the guys, a comic book aficionado. She will run into the gang at Stuart's comic book store. Ford will reportedly appear in the October 27th episode of the show.

The Big Bang Theory returns for its fifth season tonight with TWO back-to-back episodes from 8/7c on CBS.

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United States, 03:23 Jan 30 2013.
Bring her back.... smokin' hot and loves comics! Purfect for the gang. Priah is going to dump Leonard anyways.
Moondragon United States, 17:48 Jul 13 2012.
Alice could fall down my rabbit hole any day! But still I don't think I could pick between her and Priah hot hot oh my!!!!!
DeAndre Johnson United States, 02:38 Mar 3 2012.
She Needs To become a new Main Character! Also Priah screwed Leonard over and he deserves Alice over Priah and she definitely can compete with Penny in the Hot Catagory
Jayk Canada, 20:38 Nov 7 2011.
I love the idea of Alice's character. It was a good way to get rid or Priah and give Penny a reason to see the mistake she made for getting rid of Leonard. I predict that Alice comes back, Penny sees how "perfect" she is for Leonard, until eventually, we see the "truth" about Alice (whatever that may be). Then Penny will make her move and seal the deal with Leonard for good! :) That would kick ass.
omran Egypt, 11:39 Oct 9 2011.
i loved Naomai than Nilson mr A7A
TBBT Fan Canada, 11:02 Oct 6 2011.
Ok, why do we need another women in the picture again? We don't have enough??? There has got to be a better solution then throwing different girls around the group!!!
Shenny Shipper United States, 20:34 Oct 3 2011.
Oh good another newbie to draw attention from the characters we actually care about. Geez this writers are determined to kill their golden goose.

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