Fifth Season Premiere Ratings Posted September 23, 2011

Fifth Season Premiere Ratings

Last night's double showing of The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot by all key ratings indicators.

The fifth season premiere, "The Skank Reflex Analysis", was watched by 14.06 million people and scored a 4.8/15 rating in the important adults 18-49 demographic. This was broadly the same as last year's season premiere.

The second episode of the night, "The Infestation Hypothesis", was watched by 14.65 million people and scored a 5.0/14 in the 18-49 demo. Both episodes of The Big Bang Theory finished first in their time slots, ahead of Fox's new reality show The X Factor.

More about the episode

'The Skank Reflex Analysis' - Season 5, Episode 1
Airs September 22, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

The group is still reeling from the revelation about Raj and Penny, who worries that she's screwed things up with her friends. Meanwhile, Sheldon takes charge of the paintball team.

Comments (28)

Tiffany United States, 00:18 Oct 23 2011.
I can't wait to hear Soft Kitty again. I freakin' love this show. I bought every season and I just can't get enough. All the new characters are a joy.
aussie girl Australia, 05:52 Oct 10 2011.
Finally, Australia gets to see the first two episodes of series 5 - now we are only 3 behind
Tim United States, 20:59 Oct 6 2011.
This episode was SO BAD that the commercials were better than the show. Really sad effort.
agriegelis United States, 21:33 Oct 4 2011.
Both episodes were very funny. I'm glad how the writers handled the Raj/Penny situation. People buzzed about that all summer. They even got a couple "quick draw" jokes out of it. Good stuff.
gavin Australia, 07:25 Oct 2 2011.
i hope that penny and leonard do get back together again, that was the best season
Rosie Australia, 20:20 Sep 29 2011.
Hope the 'Shamy' never ends!
kalmera Greece, 11:18 Sep 29 2011.
Kim; what the heck are you talking about?
Ahmed United Arab Emirates, 00:53 Sep 29 2011.
I think the two episodes were great and really funny. But I really hope that the character Amy will be a permanent character. She is so funny :)
The Kuebes United States, 21:54 Sep 27 2011.
You people are being too picky; this is a fictional show. I do agree, that the writers should think about regional cultures, but with things such as clothing, get over it! People often wear things as a custom and don't even realize it. And as for 'sheldon's hands are red most of the time', try adjusting the color contrast on your television. It's not the show's fault, because I have just recently watched the first four seasons on DVD and noticed nothing of the sort. I guess you just need to b able to relate to the show, even then, some people aren't mature enough to put aside the small things.
Kim United States, 12:23 Sep 27 2011.
I think the writers need to remember that the show is set in the LA area. People don't leave furniture out in the street in LA. That's an east coast thing. And what is with WALKING down the street to see the chair on the street. Again, no one does that on the west coast. Everyone in LA drives and has a car!! We need writers who know the west coast culture. there are plenty of storylines.

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