CBS Watch! meets the new Geek Goddesses Posted September 28, 2011

CBS Watch! meets the new Geek Goddesses

In the October issue of CBS Watch! Magazine, which hits newsstands next week, they catch up with the newest members of The Big Bang Theory cast, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch.

Discussing the latest additions to the gang, Jim Parsons tells CBS Watch! that "It was wonderful adding Melissa and Mayim. They’re strong actors who fit perfectly into the tone of the show. Their characters have opened up new roads for full stories to be formed around them."

Read the full article now at the CBS Watch! website.

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omran Egypt, 11:46 Oct 9 2011.
sorry it is Nilson
Ahmed United Arab Emirates, 06:49 Oct 2 2011.
I disagree with the first comments, those two new character are way better than Lesley Winkle. Moreover, it may started as Amy is like a female Sheldon, but they changed that to something much better. I think those two new character should be permanent in the show. Actually I see Amy to be the funnies character form the mid of the last season. They are really cool, funny and weird characters and they are the greatest addition to the show. Also with them in the show there are possibilities to open new doors in the show.
Monica El Salvador, 23:08 Sep 30 2011.
I love to see Amy Farrah ( I think she's funny nice adition to the cast )and Bernadette this two are a great circle of girls that Penny can hang out and add to the show funny great stories. Still my Favorite one, the Heart of the show for me is Sheldon
Pomita Italy, 20:24 Sep 30 2011.
Nice interview. They have been a great addition, especially Mayim as Amy.
Lynn Saoirse Ireland, 05:55 Sep 30 2011.
Amy is a seriously annoying character. Leslie was funny, Amy is like a female Sheldon but without anything endearing about her. My teeth grate when she is onscreen, and I'm not the only one who feels this way by a long shot. She is ruining what was my favourite show for me. I hope they get rid of her soon!!
JT United States, 21:00 Sep 29 2011.
Realistically, it falls in line with with what she said she's been doing, and what a glimpse of what she and Sheldon are like. They experiment with people. While Sheldon may claim the Social Sciences are "hokum", which is to say they are made to get an arousal from a particular audience or demographic, but he actually uses them all the time, and even tells people he's trying something. I recall Amy and Sheldon discussing an experiment of "gossip", to route the path it took through their group. The impression I get is that she was only like that with Penny and Bernadette, although, the episode before last implies that she really enjoys time with Penny, and it's more than an experiment at this point. One more note, if you can imagine a female Sheldon, Amy is a very close match personality and intellectually. It seems only natural that in not lucking out like, and having a 'Leonard' enter her life (I'm guessing that would be Penny for Amy), she's had a harder time developing a social life. I personally feel it's still well within the character boundaries.
Russia, 17:02 Sep 28 2011.
I liked Lesley Winkle a lot more than Amy. Nothing to do with actors, just their characters. Leslie was a powerful female. Amy became 'girly' and preoccupied with stereotypical silly behavior, which is kind of offensive. =(

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