Episode 5.03 Ratings Posted September 30, 2011

Episode 5.03 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished first in its timeslot and was the highest rated show of the night in viewers and key demographics.

"The Pulled Groin Extrapolation" scored an 8.7/15 rating in households was watched by 14.55 million people, up by a quarter of a million from last week's premiere. In the key adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.8/15 rating and retained 98% of its premiere audience. The show finished first by all key ratings metrics and was the highest rated show of the night.

More about the episode

'The Pulled Groin Extrapolation' - Season 5, Episode 3
Airs September 29, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

Leonard gets to know Amy when he attends a wedding as her guest. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette spend their weekend with Mrs. Wolowitz.

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suzetteennui United States, 09:00 Nov 13 2011.
I actually searched out this site to see what other fans were saying because I, too, have felt that the show is going downhill. I like Bernadette and Amy, but I think the show is best when the show focuses on the characters as a group instead of having several separate story lines in one episode.
Aaron United Kingdom, 20:04 Oct 12 2011.
This show is on the slide. The first three seasons were great because they were refreshingly original and relevant to the modern world of technology and geeks (which there are now a lot of in the world). The character types portrayed didn't really exist 20 years ago, that was/is what makes it special. Since season 4 its been slowly changing into a generic sitcom, introducing unnecessary extra characters to allow the boys to 'grow' into men. The result? A very poor copy of Friends that may well appeal to a wider audience, but will ultimately wither and die on the vine as it sacrifices the very thing that made it unique. The new characters are reasonably funny at times, but they overextend the show into irrelevant territory. I really hope they ditch Amy and Bernadette and return to a more focused format - engagements, girlfriends, relationships - BORING - it's what every other sitcom does.
lol United States, 13:34 Oct 9 2011.
you all are a bunch of idiots. just because lorre is making the characters more dynamic, adding realistic additional characters, and thus making it more real, you don't want it. "Oh the first season is the best" is the close-minded persons answer to everything. Again, idiots.
eden7 Canada, 17:21 Oct 7 2011.
I agree with the others..................too much emphasis on new characters..we want the original 5 back at the forefront............Chuck Lorre is slipping
flip Philippines, 14:35 Oct 7 2011.
we can't blame CBS. TV is business. They know TBBT can't rate that high in the US with that Ivory tower of Geek appeal. Ang this is a Chuck Lorre Show, so expect Sex.
mawar New Zealand, 07:25 Oct 7 2011.
I totally agree with santino83. The season 1, 2, 3 were the best, and the season 4 start plummeting. where is the geeky jokes...its so bad....and those girlie talk its simply rubbish. That's enough with Penny among those geeky...come on bring those jokes and geeky stuff. That's why we watch this sitcom at the first place...now has turned into those boring sitcom, whose on the screen only to fill the gap...
Santino83 Italy, 20:27 Oct 4 2011.
A good episode, but one of the worst of sure... I hate Amy and the new Amy and the nest Amy, I just want 4 geeks and a girl having fun with geekness, game, sex, and stupid things... The focus should still remain on Leonard and Penny, Sheldon, Howard and Raja, and stop. Even Bernadette and Howard is boring, always the same things, for another one time the question is "leave together with mom or not" or, more generic, "howard mom vs bernadette"! Stop it! Come back to the first three seasons and do a fantastic job
big bang theory da bomb Australia, 17:34 Oct 4 2011.
alright episode although i love the series
Donna Australia, 09:51 Oct 3 2011.
WTF IS HAPPENING, where s the geeky stuff? why is sheldon in a second role? this show is losing its meaning. CBS only wants to keep its ratings high, Thus they do whatever that stupid viewers speculate would happen in the series. buck up and bring back episodes like season 1. Its called 'THE BIG BANG THEORY'. Not 'THE SEX AND THE CITY'
yop Switzerland, 15:36 Oct 2 2011.
wtf is happening with penny ? she's becoming a second role... Amy is unbearable and should leave. Plus the Toilet jokes seriously suck.

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