Win a week's worth of Sheldon Shirts! Posted October 10, 2011

<em>Big Bang Theory</em> T-Shirts at

We have teamed up with to give away seven Sheldon Shirts to one lucky winner this month. stock thousands of pop culture T-shirts, including a line of Official Big Bang Theory Shirts and many of the shirts Sheldon wears on the show.

For your chance to win seven of Sheldon's Shirts, head over to the contest page and tell us which Big Bang character said the displayed quote. The quote will change daily through the end of October, giving you twenty-two chances to enter the contest. Be sure to check back every day for another chance to win.

Enter the contest now to win a week's worth of Sheldon Shirts!

Comments (13)

Sandra United States, 19:34 May 27 2013.
Page to enter does not open!
Brayden Canada, 00:35 May 21 2013.
Sheldon ftw
Neon giraffe Canada, 22:47 May 20 2013.
Diana S. United States, 19:17 May 21 2012.
TBBT Rocks! I LUV sheldon!
awab Saudi Arabia, 06:15 Nov 2 2011.
love this show its awesome and sheldon's my favorite character btw does anyone know when the winners gona be announced and thnxxx
Alexa United States, 21:41 Oct 31 2011.
Anyone know when winners are announced? i'd love to win me some Sheldon shirts(:
Priscilla  United States, 14:13 Oct 31 2011.
I LOVE SHELDON! This show rocks! :)
Steven Black United States, 19:15 Oct 23 2011.
I would love to see more real world physists/scientists on the show ...
Catherine United States, 10:30 Oct 14 2011.
I would really love to win some of Sheldon's t-shirts I love his style.
Catherine United States, 13:20 Oct 13 2011.
I love the show and I am a BIG Jim Parsons fan I love the cast BUT Sheldon is my favorite character he makes me laugh plus he really cute and smart.

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