CBS Announces Episode 5.07 Posted October 10, 2011

CBS Announces Episode 5.07

The Big Bang Theory. Dexter star Courtney Ford guest stars in the episode with recurring guest stars Aarti Mann (Priya) and Kevin Sussman (Stuart).

The Good Guy Fluctuation – A cute comic book artist puts Leonard and Priya's relationship to the test, while Sheldon tries to scare the guys for Halloween, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday Oct., 27 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  

You can read more about the episode in our Episode Guide.

More about the episode

'The Good Guy Fluctuation' - Season 5, Episode 7
Airs October 27, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

Leonard and Priya's relationship is put to the test when Leonard meets a cute comic book artist. Meanwhile, Sheldon tries to get back at the guys for a Halloween prank.

Comments (13)

Steve United States, 10:09 Oct 31 2011.
I think Sheldon would have worn latex gloves to handle the snake, AND used hand sanitizer after.
Selim HAN Turkey, 15:15 Oct 29 2011.
Bazinga punk! now we're even !
KenX United States, 14:48 Oct 28 2011.
Best show of the season. Literally several LOL moments. Good job with the writers, although I think the Leonard Priya situation is being handled akwardly. Didn't seem to fit into the shows flow really. Otherwise my fav of the season so far!
Selim HAN Turkey, 13:23 Oct 28 2011.
This episode, my numberone...that's incredible.. Last moment BAZINGAAA Punk, Sheldon my man...
Bob W. United States, 09:23 Oct 28 2011.
What a hilarious episode. The funniest one of the year so far. I laughted from beginning to end. A big "BRAVO!!" for the writers. Too bad the show wasn't an hour long.
pammie Philippines, 00:18 Oct 28 2011.
this episode of the best so far for this season.. sheldon really did a great job!!!!! i love it.
Splinter United States, 23:40 Oct 27 2011.
Well, disappointing. The 'halloween hi-jinxery' was fun, but the Leonard / Alice sub-plot was predictable and boring. Leonard really is being written as a whiner. Stuart's interaction with Alice at the comic store did not ring true. Remember when he first met Penny. He drew a portrait of her in minutes. And when they spoke, he was a bit shy but still very witty. Of course, the anti-Priya fans will like this episode, as they will be saying "I told you so..." about her character. The writers are taking the easy way out with the Priya character, villifying her in this manner. By the way, has anyone else noted that this is just becoming "Who is going to get laid this week?" .. hmmm.. too bad.
roxy Canada, 15:38 Oct 26 2011.
I love this show!!!!!
Meysam Iran, 09:16 Oct 26 2011.
there is no good stories ideas. i get tired of watching ....
charfi United Kingdom, 22:00 Oct 23 2011.
just cant wait to see this episode. Sheldon is my fav. character

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