Episode 5.05 Ratings Posted October 14, 2011

Episode 5.05 Ratings

Last night's episode with guest stars Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner was the night's number one show in viewers and key demographics. The Big Bang Theory has been the highest rated show of the night every week since its September 22nd return.

"The Russian Rocket Reaction" was watched by  13.26 million people, down by around 370,000 people from last week, and scored an 8.2/14 rating in households. The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.4/14 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic and scored a 5.5/15 rating in the adults 25-54 demo. The show ranked first in its timeslot by all key metrics.

The Big Bang Theory was the highest rated show of the night in households, total viewers, adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 for the fourth consequtive week.

A rerun of The Big Bang Theory followed last night's new episode at 8:30, replacing the now-cancelled sitcom How To Be A Gentleman. The rerun of "The Benefactor Factor" also finished first in its slot, beating original episodes of The X Factor, Charlie's Angels and Parks and Recreation. The rerun scored a 7.3/12 in households, 4.7/12 with adults 25-54, a 3.7/10 in adults 18-49 and was watched by 11.99 million people.

More about the episode

'The Russian Rocket Reaction' - Season 5, Episode 5
Airs October 13, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon is unhappy when Leonard wants to go to a party at Wil Wheaton's house. Meanwhile, Howard is offered an out-of-this-world opportunity.

Comments (22)

faye davis United States, 10:59 Nov 8 2011.
I love this show have my mom and co-workers hooked. love the kitty song.Ready to purchase my tshirts now.This show is no.1
Andrew Russia, 00:04 Nov 2 2011.
A Girl Named Michael, I understand. But this facts - are stereotypes, which I want to destroy. I hurt for the Homeland.
A Girl Named Michael United States, 17:21 Oct 31 2011.
Russian Guy...it's a comedy. They use what references will be familiar to the audience, not always what is correct. Also, to the whiner complaining about the "Roseanne characters"...WHAT Roseanne characters? I see ACTORS that were at one time on Roseanne, but their characters on Big Bang are completely different. Stop sniveling and enjoy the genius! LOVED this episode, but I love them all!
Andrew Russia, 00:29 Oct 25 2011.
Hi, i am from Russia. Sorry, my english is not very well. I very like this serial, it's really very funny, BUT... ...I want to say to author - how you can talk to everybody, that our rockets is not safe. What's about your rockets? Why your talk about Chernobyl? Let's see on atomic station at Fokusima: it's atomic reactor was developed by the USA and built by americans. And effects of Fokusima is heavy, than Chernobyl. So your should to write scenario more correctly.
rose United Kingdom, 06:13 Oct 21 2011.
love love love the show, Sheldon and penny are my favourite characters, don't think shes been in it enough this season though!!!
Mike Mulberry United States, 02:51 Oct 21 2011.
Here you have these very smart geeks with a dartboard. 1) they have never played darts. 2) The dartboard is clearly not hung to the proper height of 5'8"at the bullseye
Ted United States, 02:23 Oct 21 2011.
Stop with the roseanne charecters! it make the show suck, but I love the show other wise!
Bunty India, 03:52 Oct 19 2011.
Awesome!!! The Show is a cult and lightens my spirit whenever i watch it .. Frankly i would never have said this but i am addicted to TBBT. Shelly Rocks ...BAZINGA!!!!
Steffen Denmark, 14:10 Oct 17 2011.
Great episode! thx from Denmark
Palle Denmark, 21:42 Oct 16 2011.
Seriously, where are the ratings of 4.4 and 5.5 from? The people rating has to be the biggest douchebag haters of all time, i was laughing almost the entire episode. I get mad just thinking about someone rating an episode from this series any less than a 10!

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